FirstTracks Marketing Crushing Black Friday / Cyber Monday

FirstTracks Marketing Team Crushed Black Friday / Cyber Monday

The Holiday Shopping Season Is Here! The holidays are here and we just finished our latest round of Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions with some of our e-commerce clients. We help all our clients plan out their strategies and budgets month to... Keep Reading: FirstTracks Marketing Team Crushed Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Responsive Website Design

Going Mobile, Make it Easy for Your Customers to Connect with You

Really That Important? Is having your website responsive for mobile devices really that important? Or is it just a nice-to-have bone-throwing exercise for your customers? While sitting by the fire this past weekend with a millennial professional,... Keep Reading: Going Mobile, Make it Easy for Your Customers to Connect with You

Added Pinterest to Your Website Yet?

Wait, what the heck is Pinterest exactly and why should I care? A valid question, one I found myself asking a few weeks back, it seems like there is always another “hot” social media site springing up somewhere that is going to suck even... Keep Reading: Added Pinterest to Your Website Yet?

Brand Plan Consultation

Getting the Brand Plan together A client who is developing a new company came to FirstTracks Marketing’s President Greg Connolly to get their brand plan in shape. Why? Isn’t it OK to hit the ground running with all the great tools like... Keep Reading: Brand Plan Consultation

I’m NOT in Sales!

I read a scary bit of research from the pros along the Charles River. Forrester Research was working on the "of's" of marketing in businesses today. The Of's being perceptions of /need of/cost of etc. and what they found was, drum roll please.... Keep Reading: I’m NOT in Sales!

Newsletters, They Still Work

In our business the buzz is all about being on-line, social media tactics with webinars offering every form of advice. My in box looks like a 2am infomercial fest. The buzz can be deafening and overwhelming to the point that I just might get struck... Keep Reading: Newsletters, They Still Work

Social Media Marketing Spending Report Breakdown

Check out this really interesting information graphic that was posted just recently that visually describes how social media spending has been distributed in 2010. Some very compelling and interesting figures that we think will open some eyes and... Keep Reading: Social Media Marketing Spending Report Breakdown

Social Media Club NH Recap

Last night was an exciting evening in the State of New Hampshire (Portsmouth to be more precise) as the first ever Social Media Club NH meeting was held. Roughly 170 people attended the event looking to connect, network and listen to the challenges... Keep Reading: Social Media Club NH Recap

Inbound Marketing Book Review

“Ten years ago, your marketing effectiveness was a function of the width of your wallet. Today, your marketing effectiveness is a function of the width of your brain.” – Brian Halligan CEO of Hubspot This is one of lines from... Keep Reading: Inbound Marketing Book Review

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Inspiration & Ideas

Eight critical business questions about you

8 Critical Questions About Our Business and Yours

Below are 8 questions that were posted almost 10 years ago by Seth Godin, one of my favorite marketing authors. I had originally answered these questions back in early 2010 in a blog post and thought it would be interesting to do it again 10 years... Keep Reading: 8 Critical Questions About Our Business and Yours

eCommerce Website Launches

More E-commerce Websites Launched!

FirstTracks launches three new WordPress / WooCommerce e-commerce websites! It’s been a busy year here at FirstTracks Marketing! As we get ready to hunker down and kill it for our e-commerce clients this holiday season, I wanted to share some... Keep Reading: More E-commerce Websites Launched!

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