Paid Advertising Management Services

Optimizing Paid Search Campaigns

Constant Optimization

By optimizing accounts and providing necessary changes over time many of our clients  have consistently seen 20% growth year over year for revenue earned. Our e-commerce clients are also seeing a range of 400–1700% ROAS (Return Over Ad Spend) on average. Our digital advertising efforts tend to generate around 20 – 35% of their total overall revenue. The digital advertising space is always changing and many factors can impact performance. That’s why having a dedicated team on your side to stay on top of these evolutions is critical to long term success.

Raising the Bar

Customized Marketing

Based on customer demographics, product mix, margin, and budget help us focus where budgets will best be utilized and provide your best return. We utilize different combinations of channels depending on your goals including Google Adwords, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Advertising and CallRail. Consistent communication and access to accurate reporting is essential so you know what to expect. The landscape of these networks are constantly changing, always impacting ROAS, CPL, budgets, and performance. Having the right partner at the helm of your paid advertising will assure you that your money is always working as hard as it can for your business.

Paid Ads Reporting

Detailed Reports

We provide highly detailed performance reporting on all paid efforts. Our dashboard platform allows us to customize the reports to the channels that you use and focus on the metrics that are important to your business. It is a data-driven approach that allows us to analyze the health of the account and make crucial and timely decisions that impact ROAS and CPL. Constant optimization is key to the success of our clients’ marketing campaigns. Are you currently advertising? Do you know what you are getting in return? Many of our clients have experienced frustrating relationships where they have no insights into the health of their ads. You should know exactly how much is being spent, where it is being spent and what revenue is being produced and how much it costs to get new leads in the door.