Brand Plan Consultation

Getting the Brand Plan together

A client who is developing a new company came to FirstTracks Marketing’s President Greg Connolly to get their brand plan in shape. Why? Isn’t it OK to hit the ground running with all the great tools like clever ads, social media buzz, spiffy new website and a catalog or two to hand out at the next trade show? All tactics that FirstTracks can supply?

A BIG LOUD “STOP” echoed across the phone line into the client’s ear. Let’s get your VP of Sales and any other key people in here and let’s really figure out who and what your company is what you’re going to do. Let’s do that first. What a great opportunity for them.  A new company in a high growth market ready to take off.

Here’s the first 3 things on my list that any company needs:

  1. A solid product or service
  2. A strong market for that product/service
  3. A willingness to take advantage of that market

It’s amazing to guide business people through the process of really boiling down what it is they really are and what it is they really do. My role is to create an environment for this company’s executives to truly identify their product, market and will. This is not mission statement, vision statement fluff (run away when someone starts in on that stuff). This is the heavy lifting of the brand planning business. It’s hard. It’s long and when done right you wake up from the fog of the million things to do and a clear course is set. NOW it’s time to get to work. From my side of the room I see clear focused heads nodding “I get it. Let’s go” And the really cool part they got here themselves. As the Wizard of OZ said, “you had it in you all the time”.

Now all the tactics have a guide, a linking mechanism and a reason to exist. There is order in the marketing world. Budgets will be managed properly, consistency will reign and most importantly SALES WILL COME. Customers will buy and the willingness of the purse string managers will soar.

Phew! Want to be in this world too? Want to work hard? I do. Give me a call, 603-924-1978. Fill out our contact form if that’s easier and I’ll call you. Remember, nothing should start until you have a plan. Let’s get planning together.

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