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What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an email/SMS marketing platform that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. Bring your best ideas to life with enterprise-grade flexibility and scalability-all in one fast, easy-to-use platform.

Klaviyo Features

Klaviyo Platform Features

Email and text marketing are core components of a digital marketing strategy. They allow you to reach your customers directly on the devices they use every day. Emails are an incredible tool to nurture relationships, convert customers and drive your sales and growth goals. Klaviyo is highly customizable, and it offers a robust feature-set that lets you reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. These features include:

  • Campaigns: one-time email or text messages to promote sales, events, business updates and more
  • Automated flows: email messages that are automatically triggered based on a person’s action (sign up for newsletters, abandoned carts, etc.)
  • Segmentations: dynamic mailing lists based on your customer’s behaviors, traits, relationship to your company and more
  • SMS: Klaviyo makes it easy to reach customers directly on their phones with hyper-personalized text campaigns and automations.
  • Forms & Pop Ups: Customizable forms and pop-ups allow you to collect in-depth and actionable information on your customer.
  • Database Tracking: with a dynamic database, Klaviyo uses the information it collects to help you precisely target your messages and customize each customer’s experience with your brand.

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Why do we use Klaviyo?

We believe Klaviyo is the industry-leading email automation platform for WooCommerce businesses. It has a flexible API that allows us to integrate it directly into your eCommerce activities.

With Klaviyo campaigns, we can precisely target the audiences that are most likely to convert on your promotions and sales, which will make your marketing efforts as effective as possible. Using flows, we can help you generate revenue from abandoned carts, browsers and more. Klaviyo also features AI-based behavioral targeting and predictive analytics.

These tools and more allow us to craft a marketing strategy that is tailored to your business and growth goals. View plans and pricing.

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How will Klaviyo benefit my business?

Highly targeted emails and texts mean people are more likely to open, click and convert on your marketing activities. You’ll see an increase in your ROI, and you wouldn’t waste time and money sending your messages to the wrong audience.

With automated flows, you can streamline your communications with your customers, as well as pick up increased revenue from people who may have browsed your store, but not purchased from you. Pop-Ups can provide your customer with important information while they shop your site.

For your business intelligence goals, Klaviyo’s Forms feature helps you collect valuable data on your customers to build detailed profiles and further refine your targeting. With its in-depth analytics and reporting, you can dive deep into the numbers to gauge your performance and fine-tune your future efforts.

Klayivo is one of the most powerful and feature-rich email automation platforms available. We know that it will enhance your marketing efforts and maximize your business growth and revenue opportunities.

Klaviyo FAQs

Why Klaviyo?

We love Klaviyo, especially if you are doing e-commerce. Their database tracking for email campaign performance is second to none and the integration with WordPress and WooCommerce is easy to setup and super reliable. Not to mention the awesome automation features and built in pop up tools and SMS capability gives you lots of ways to continue to grow and test your audience communications.

Why use Klaviyo over other email service providers?

We are especially fond of the database tracking and analytics that the software provides, second to none in terms of accuracy. We also really love that Klaviyo replaces a lot of plugins on your site with one single service as you are able to manage your email automations, campaigns, SMS messaging, pop ups and forms all from one place. This also reduces plugins to support as well as additional strain on your hosting because all of this is being managed out of a 3rd party service and not directly impacting your server resources.

What does being a Klaviyo Certified Advisor mean?

This is the current level of professional certification and partnership FirstTracks Marketing has with Klaviyo. Our team regularly undergoes training and certification programs with Klaviyo and has regular contact with their staff regarding our clients. This helps us make sure we are covering all angles in helping to keep our clients accounts healthy and performing at their best.

Is Klaviyo hard to use or learn?

If you have used drag and drop email builders in the past Klaviyo won’t be hard to pick up at all. Klaviyo features a very easy to use interface and their list and segment builder is very flexible and easy to use. The more complicated aspects of the system (automations, SMS, Advanced Tracking) take some getting used to, but that’s what our team is here for!

Are Klaviyo Migrations Difficult?

Klaviyo has made migrating easy! They have a well-defined process for the most popular services so you can smoothly transfer your contacts into their platform and start improving your email outreach right away.

How much does Klaviyo cost?

Klaviyo’s pricing model scales based on the number of email and SMS contacts you have. No matter how many contacts you have, you will have access to all of Klaviyo’s features. You can also choose email only or email+SMS plans. View plans and pricing.