FirstTracks Marketing Team Crushed Black Friday / Cyber Monday

The Holiday Shopping Season Is Here!

The holidays are here and we just finished our latest round of Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions with some of our e-commerce clients. We help all our clients plan out their strategies and budgets month to month in order to achieve their desired sales goals. As everyone knows, November is a HUGE month for online sales. We had some aggressive goals to reach this year with our clients, and we’re happy to report that we had positive growth with every client again this year. Here’s a few data snapshots and results to give you an idea what our marketing programs can produce.

Curly Girl Design

We launched Curly Girl’s brand new WordPress / WooCommerce website on November 16 (cutting it close, we know). We had a very smooth transition to the new site with no hiccups or issues. The end result for November was outstanding. We ran a special sale that was promoted on the site through a banner, a pop up, boosted posts in Facebook, search ads in Google, and a series of email blasts. What you see below is the results of what the new site did compared to the old site last year, increasing revenue almost 115%. E-commerce conversion rate increased by almost 32%, and the amount of transactions over the same period of time increased by 100%.  AMAZING!

Black Friday Results for Curly Girl Designs

Hyo Silver

Earlier in 2016 we redesigned and relaunched the Hyo Silver WordPress / WooCommerce website. The new site has been providing phenomenal results from a sales standpoint with an average monthly sales growth of roughly 20%. This November  we helped design and run was 2nd annual VIP Vault sale for Hyo Silver.  The sale was exclusive to signed-up users for the first part of the month and then opened up to everyone over Black Friday / Cyber Monday. The program consisted of dedicated landing pages on the site, regular emails, boosted posts, and paid search advertising. The results for the month speak for themselves: an overall sales increase of 11% and continued positive audience growth. Of special note: We managed to increase Hyo Silver’s overall sessions by almost 25% and yet LOWERED the bounce rate by almost 17%.  That is what you call quality traffic!

Hyo Silver Audience Growth for November 2016

Annalee Dolls

We had some very aggressive goals to meet for Annalee Dolls in November this year. We’re happy to report that we met the goal and exceeded it by a few thousand dollars. This was the second Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion we managed for Annalee. This year we had a multi-channel marketing strategy that consisted of email, paid search advertising, remarketing, boosted social media content, promotional contests as well as content development. There were a lot of moving parts but it all paid off when the numbers came in. Check out the results. Our marketing program produced a Black Friday / Cyber Monday improvement in revenue of 38%, an e-commerce conversion rate of 7.7%, and transactions at 27%. These increase made for a very busy two-week shipping push. 🙂

Annalee Dolls Black Friday and Cyber Monday a Success!

Want to improve your online sales?

We have the crew here to help you get you where you want your business to be. We have worked with all different shapes and sizes of shops and products. We are expert listeners and data-mining maniacs. We can help you define what the best marketing mix is for your business and how to sell more product. Just give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our online form to tell us more about your goals. We look forward to connecting with you soon. Happy holiday shopping everyone!

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