About FirstTracks Marketing

A team of experienced business professionals

We help guide companies and organizations in the design, development and implementation of custom e-commerce applications and marketing strategies.

FirstTracks Marketing Team

For 15 years we have been helping our clients businesses grow and succeed.

Your success is our passion. The FirstTracks Marketing team loves a challenge and helping businesses grow. We pride ourselves on being excellent listeners to ensure the solutions we recommend are the right fit for your business. We also like to have a lot of fun while we are at it. View our work and check out how we do what we do. Meet the team and learn a little bit more about our amazing crew!

Gary Scarboro

Jim Bowling

Eric on the phone

Jim at WooCommerce Conference

Lake Day!

Jess and Matt

On a Boat!


    Meet the amazing people who are the FirstTracks Marketing team.

    Matthew Nelson

    He / Him

    Owner / President


    James Dudley

    He / Him

    Web Development Director


    Jessica Falkenham

    She / Her

    Marketing Director


    Gary Scarboro

    He / Him

    Creative Director


    Lou Waryncia

    He / Him

    Content Manager


    Ashley Strout

    She / Her

    Senior Developer


    Daisy Olsen

    She / Her

    Senior Developer


    Ryan Davey

    He / Him

    Website Developer


    Adam Zippin

    He / Him

    Account Manager


    Derek Cunningham

    He / Him

    Email Marketing & SMS Specialist


    Dustin Miller

    He / Him

    Director of Paid Search

    Eddie Tom

    He / Him

    Paid Search Manager

    Salvador Flores

    He / Him

    Paid Search Manager

    Ashley Martin

    She / Her

    Website Support Specialist


    Wendy Douglass

    She / Her

    Finance / HR


    Join the FirstTracks Marketing Team!

    Do you want to work in a fast-paced, fun, exciting design and marketing agency? We are always looking for smart, strategically-minded individuals. If you are crazy passionate about conversions, crave constant improvement and love to push the envelope and learn new things, then we want to meet you!