Avoid all this Social Media Stuff?

Who’s Talking About You and What Are They Saying?

When discussing marketing and brand strategy with clients we usually get around to discussing the integration of several social media tactics and sometimes we get the “Oh no I don’t want all that Facebook and Twitter stuff in my business. It’s all boring chatter and I certainly don’t want my employees with access to a company Facebook account!”

Well, the “chatter” is going on with or without you and it could help your business to listen in. A disgruntled customer has a powerful bull horn these days and not responding is just like saying, No Comment. How pissed off are you when you perceive no one cares about your issue with a company, service or product? And what about that comment about how great someone was treated by your team? Think someone looking for your service might be swayed by that? Customer service is about paying attention and sometimes you get to make someone’s day. Do that just twice week and then check your sales figures in a few months. I bet you’ll like what you see. The right tools in the right places. Boy do we have ways to pay attention now.

Who doesn’t want an advocate?

So you may want to start looking at all the social media stuff as advocacy management. Your business bull horn can be pretty powerful too! You can thank, cheer, help, apologize, make it right and yes, change customer behavior. Affect the discourse with information that’s meaningful to your customers and they’ll happily advocate for you and over time (yes, patience is required) you will grow your business. And guess what? It’s all measurable.

Let’s start figuring out who’s doing the talking out there and let’s do something about it. 603-924-1978, contact us.

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