I’m NOT in Sales!

I read a scary bit of research from the pros along the Charles River. Forrester Research was working on the “of’s” of marketing in businesses today. The Of’s being perceptions of /need of/cost of etc. and what they found was, drum roll please….“fewer than 50% of marketers view themselves as responsible for increasing top-line sales growth or profitability” What? Thanks. I now have a sore chin as it just slammed into the top of my desk. You mean more than half of the purveyors of my profession don’t know the “why I’m here”? Ouch. Clients don’t stand a chance.

Business Success Means… “We’re ALL in this”

Everyone and I mean every single body within a business, no matter what, is responsible for top line sales growth and profitability. Simply stated, easy to understand. The receptionist is “in sales”. The maintenance supervisor is “in sales”. The CFO is “in sales”. The driver delivering the product is “in sales”. The webmaster is “in sales”. Oh yes, and ya’ll in the marketing department, you’re most definitely in the sales and profit game. Every meeting with everyone in marketing should start and finish with “how is what we’re doing going to drive sales and increase profitability”. If there is no clear answer no one is allowed to leave the room. An agency that cannot and does not speak directly to sales and profits should be shown the door. Bye Bye.

That thing we do…

My job is to develop and guide a marketing plan based upon a company’s strategy backed with appropriate tactics/tools so they can sell more at higher profits. It’s always about sales and profit. Sometimes we back up and work on that corporate strategy thing first to makes sure there is a track that’s meaningful. A marketing plan without a strategy first is just, well, it just ain’t right and it won’t increase sales and profits.

We’re an idea box  full of website development, CMS implementation, SEO tactics, creative design, placement, direct mail etc., etc., BUT,  without a strategy we’re driving in reverse. We’re nothing if we’re not about helping our clients sell more, more often and at higher margins.

100% of us at FTMG believe we are responsible for top-line sales and profitability.

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