Newsletters, They Still Work

In our business the buzz is all about being on-line, social media tactics with webinars offering every form of advice. My in box looks like a 2am infomercial fest. The buzz can be deafening and overwhelming to the point that I just might get struck down if I ever suggested to a client that something like a newsletter may be just be the what the strategy calls for.

Don’t we just love that hot new thing. Can I get a! Can I get a Social Media plan!  It wasn’t that “being on-line” in the 90’s wasn’t valid or just like being “social” in the 2010’s isn’t appropriate, its just that it isn’t the ONLY thing. We’re Social Media fans in a big way here at FTMG and we believe with all our marketing hearts that inbound strategies work but we also hold a deep core belief that no two clients are alike and our job is to be quiet, listen, probe and question and then think strategy with an open mind to the tactics that are required to bring home the sales and profits.

Believe it, and yes you heard it here. People still get snail mail and still read something that is on actual paper. We design and produce newsletters for a number of our clients. There, I’ve said it. For several of our hospital clients we produce clear, well written (way to go Laura), graphically well designed (thank you Bob)  and strategically focused newsletters that people/customers/patients/potential patients/donors/prospective donors want and DO read. Can I track open rates and click throughs, time on a page, bounce rates. No, but I can when I integrate them with their website.

There’s a place for old school on its own. But when you marry the old school with the new school then hey, that’s where the magic happens. Great design whether it’s on-line or on the pony express still moves and shakes. Start with a strategy, define the support, design with meaningful gusto and then you should be counting the $.

Is a newsletter right for your business?

Don’t know and won’t know until we talk. Call us 603-924-1978 or do the form thing. We’ll get right back to you and listen.

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