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Online Reviews

Customers are bombarded by ads today, and they are getting more savvy separating truth from puffery. So, why not let customers do your marketing for you with online reviews? 

Online reviews are becoming more and more essential for e-commerce brands. Done right, they are an easy way to bolster your marketing efforts with authentic voices other customers can trust. Reviews are a form of social proof which demonstrate your product or service is liked by real users. The more reviews you have singing your praises, the better choice you look for future customers. 

How to Get Online Reviews

Ask! It’s that simple.

If you are just starting out, you don’t need to overcomplicate things by offering incentives or giveaways. People who are satisfied with their experience will often be happy to share their thoughts online. Of course, getting online reviews is a numbers game, so it’s a good idea to create a regular and consistent process for your team to follow. Two of the best ways to gather reviews are in-person or through a marketing automation platform. 


If your team interacts directly with customers, create a new routine where team members ask for a review at the end of good interactions. Add a quick note to an email with links or put a QR code on your business card if you have face-to-face meetings. The trick is to get the request to them when they are still in a good mood and their interaction is top-of-mind. 

Follow up emails or prompts:

You can also set up an automated email flow or on-page prompt to gather reviews. Several platforms specialize in automated review requests which makes the process easy and customizable, like Yotpo, and Stamped

You can even use dedicated email platforms like Klaviyo. Emails offer you a great deal of flexibility in when and to whom these emails go out. You can program them so they send after every purchase or add limits to specific products or services. You can even set up a manual process which lets you send out individual requests to happy customers. This is a great option if you want precise control over who gets the message. 

Where Reviews Can Live 

Your website:

If you use a dedicated review platform, you can host the product reviews right alongside the product. These are important for pushing people that one last step to completing a purchase. There’s no better way to convince a wavering customer to close the sale than a long line of 5 star reviews. 


Google Reviews is the biggest spot outside your website. Google Reviews are intrinsically tied to search results and a star rating appears right next to your business in search results. Collecting these reviews help drive people to your website or storefront over your competitors. 


People often search for businesses on the platform. Even if they don’t follow you, they will see your star rating and the reviews. If you don’t use social media often, make sure you check the reviews and see if there is anything you need to address. 

But What if Customers Say Bad Things? 

Don’t be afraid of bad reviews, either. Every company and every product gets them. But, you can turn a bad review into an opportunity. Reply to a bad review personally, offering your regret and a manner in which they can seek resolution. If this person reaches out and you can resolve the issue, ask them if they will update their review. If they don’t reach out, other potential customers will see that you are an engaged and active company. 

How to Use Reviews

Reviews can accompany all of your marketing materials. Those five stars are eye-catching wherever they are placed. Add a few reviews to the end of your marketing emails. Share great ones on your social feeds. Use a widget to add Google reviews to your homepage. You can even add them to physical posters or banners for offline venues. 

Customer reviews are becoming an increasingly vital part of a brand’s marketing mix. Demonstrating that you have a happy, engaged and loyal following is one of the best ways you can stand out from your competitors. If you are interested in launching an online review program, contact us today by filling out this short form or calling us at 603-924-1978 for expert advice and guidance.

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