Added Pinterest to Your Website Yet?

Wait, what the heck is Pinterest exactly and why should I care?

A valid question, one I found myself asking a few weeks back, it seems like there is always another “hot” social media site springing up somewhere that is going to suck even more time and effort out of your day. I am here to say that giving Pinterest a chance is actually worth it both from a personal and professional standpoint in this online marketer’s opinion.

What’s so great about Pinterest?

A few key things make Pinterest a very useful space to play and share. The most critical, in my opinion, is that it’s SUPER easy to connect and sign up. They were very smart basing the account access set up on Facebook and Twitter accounts (you don’t have to have them but it’s much easier if you do). Pinterest, to me, is kind of like my hall closet on the internet now. Basically Pinterest lets you “pin” any content (well media anyway, images and video) you find on the web and then allows you to put it in a custom category grouping (called boards) of your choice. What I did was create some boards to help group together all the assets and activities I participate in as a person and a professional. Now I have boards for all the blog posts that I write, all the clients I work with, products I like, places I want to go, cool articles I find by topic, and useful graphics and textures I might want to use in future design work. All neatly organized in to nifty little boards (or as I like to think of them as plastic Rubbermaid containers in my internet hall closet).

Make it easy for people to pin your website content

You need to add the “Pin It” button to your website, just like Facebook Like and Twitter tweet buttons. The big difference here (and something I really like) is that the “Pin It” function if implemented correctly will allow you to select from ANY media it finds within the content to which it’s attached. This makes it super easy for your site visitors to share and display what you think is cool (because you are writing about it or sharing it through your website) through their own personal Pinterest boards that they are sharing and allowing other Pinterest users to follow. It’s another way that people can become automatic online advocates for your ideas, opinions, products and services  with just a few clicks of the mouse. What I feel is truly valuable about how this works is that the user decides how to categorize your information which then makes it easier for people sharing that information within Pintrest to find it as opposed to Facebook or Twitter which are more open ended time-line feed types of networks. If you want to take it for a spin, try clicking on the “Pin It” button below and see what you think….

Need Help Getting Pinterest Set Up on Your Website?

Website development, design and online strategic marketing is what we are all about here at FirstTracks Marketing Group. If this kind of connected social media marketing is something you want to involved in but you aren’t sure where to start or the best way to go about it for your business give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out this short contact form and we can get the conversation started about how to get your business more well connected to your consumers.

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