Going Mobile, Make it Easy for Your Customers to Connect with You

Really That Important?

Is having your website responsive for mobile devices really that important? Or is it just a nice-to-have bone-throwing exercise for your customers?

While sitting by the fire this past weekend with a millennial professional, these words popped out: “I do everything from my phone.”

While out to dinner the other night I saw a mom with her daughter and two college friends. Who was the only one glued to her phone during dinner? The mom! Hmmm! Not just the youngsters.

Follow up both of these situations with a slice of info from Google that a new site ranking metric will be mobile responsiveness, and things start to get interesting. Now throw in that 80 percent of searches will be from mobile devices and, well, I guess we have lift off.

Who’s Getting Mobile?

What was all the noise when the mighty Facebook was going public? “They have weak mobile revenue.”  “They have no mobile strategy.” I think we can all agree that they cleaned that mess up toot sweet. Why emulate a company that has 18 percent of the earth’s population using their service? Do I really have to answer that? View some of our recent website work, all mobile friendly, because we don’t build new sites that aren’t.

It’s Here. Own It and Get It Done.

Make it easy and they will come, shop, visit, click, share, post, paste, view and buy. Making your site responsive just makes sense, PERIOD. It’s more than the fries with your burger question. It’s really would you like tires with your car? It’s that important. The easier you make it for your audience, whomever and from wherever they’re viewing, I guarantee you’ll have a shot at their business. Make it hard and…crickets. Oh, and Google will like you, too!

Give us a shout at 603-924-1978, fill out our online form, or send your raptor to land on our office window sill in Concord, NH, and we’ll help you get your mobile on. It’s what we do. Everyday!

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