Facebook Ads are Changing

Facebook Ads are Changing Again, What You Need to Know

Thursday 1/11/18 it was Announced that Facebook Ads will, yet again, update their algorithm. This isn’t anything new to businesses. Facebook has previously made it more difficult for companies to get their organic posts in front of an audience, but... Keep Reading: Facebook Ads are Changing Again, What You Need to Know

Assisted Living, A State of Denial?

The first baby boomer is turning 65 this year! This is a group (80 million strong) that has lived and flourished in one of the most prosperous periods in US history. Technology advances continue to stagger our imaginations. But.....and there is... Keep Reading: Assisted Living, A State of Denial?

Practical Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hospitals

It’s no secret that Social Media is here and here to stay. Hospitals face unique challenges and risks when it comes to social media, mostly having to do with privacy control and potential HIPPA violations. Social media outlets are where a very... Keep Reading: Practical Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hospitals

Social Marketing Ideas for NH Farmers

The way that online marketing is evolving these days, the tools and means for anyone to market online now exist. I was inspired this week after my regular visit with my family to our farm co-op in Stoddard NH. During the summer we visit the farm... Keep Reading: Social Marketing Ideas for NH Farmers

Facebook: 350 Million Users

This morning I read a report provided by Hubspot that since last July Facebook has grown by over half a million users a day! If you are looking to put that into prospective that is the equivalent to the city of Boston signing up for new accounts... Keep Reading: Facebook: 350 Million Users

Current State of Social Media

Social Media is everywhere. The size of the network space that the major heavy weights in the Social Media Game currently occupy is easily in the hundreds of millions! Currently the three most popular networks are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (in... Keep Reading: Current State of Social Media

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SharpSpring Comes To Boston!

FirstTracks headed to SharpSpring partners event FirstTracks is the first and, currently, only Gold level SharpSpring agency in New England, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to meet other marketers. If you aren’t familiar with SharpSpring, the... Keep Reading: SharpSpring Comes To Boston!

Big Google Ad Changes Coming in 2019

Big Changes Coming to Google Ads

Every year during this annual marketing summit, Google broadcasts new and innovative ways for enhancing the company’s platforms. In 2019, the biggest struggle seems to be how to serve effective ads in an already advertising-heavy digital market. Ads... Keep Reading: Big Changes Coming to Google Ads

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