We are bombarded with logos everyday and some become so iconic they become part of our lives. Our design team works with you to dig into every facet of your organization so we learn first-hand who you are, what you do, and why your audience should care. Our goal is to create an emotional connection between your company and your audience whether it be existing customers, potential customers, vendors or the general public. The logo is a working symbol that creates an emotional attachment. We’re not saying every logo can become a customer’s tattoo but it does happen.

Logos need to work in a wide variety of formats. Be it a smart phone, tablet, desktop, billboard or bumper sticker, we design your logo with all of these considerations (and more). We know color, texture, size and the thousands of fonts that are all part of the design process.

We also understand the complexities of logo decision-making. We have developed a process that takes you through a methodical approach to move you and your team to a decision. We help organize you into effective participants that can get to the “that’s it” moment.


EvolutionRF gets a brand new logo and branding treatment applied ...

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Scott-Farrar at Peterborough

Assisted Living Marketing Collateral that Really Shines!

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