Annalee Dolls

Keeping a Tradition Modern & Compelling

Creating a more streamlined ecommerce experience

Annalee Dolls have been a tradition since 1934. The unique designs have warmed the hearts of families and collectors for generations. We have been working with Annalee Dolls since 2015 and have helped them to grow their online sales 380% in the past five years. Our team has been providing a combination of tactical marketing strategy along with consistent website system enhancements to help them continue to achieve these results with their WordPress / WooCommerce website application.

Betsey Pelliter Annalee Dolls

“We started working with First Tracks in 2015. I can’t speak highly enough of Matt and his entire team. They completely rebuilt our web site and put together an aggressive marketing plan. In five years our web sales have more than doubled! We are up a total of 380% in 5 years. Those numbers speak for themselves. Everyone at FirstTracks is professional, responsive, and great to work with. Five stars, for sure!”

Betsey Pelletier
Marketing Coordinator, Annalee Dolls

Mobile Design Improving Conversion and Revenue

This is the third iteration of the Annalee Dolls website, in this latest build of the website that we completed in middle of 2019 we made some massive improvements to the site deliverability in terms of load speed as well as the mobile site presentation. Both of these changes together over the past year have resulted in a mobile conversion rate increase of 25%, an overall revenue increase of 85% and overall site load time speed increased by 15%!

Yotpo & Swell Integration

Building customer loyalty is crucial for most ecommerce operations. Obtaining that direct customer feedback and loyalty however can sometimes be difficult to capture without the proper motivation. The key to having this be successful is making it easy and simple for the consumer to participate, feel special and be rewarded. The best system integrations we have had the most success with are Swell and YotPo. Swell is the points based rewards program engine and YotPo is the product and site reviews capture tool. Both of these components work very closely with each other and have delivered amazing results. On average we find that a customer that interacts with these elements on their website are 164% more likely to convert to a customer! In just over 3 years of running the reviews engine we have been able to capture over 17,000 customer reviews!

Inventory Management & Fulfillment

With the ever increasing order count volume we have been producing over the past five years there needed to be a backbone in place to properly handle the increased complexity and volume of logistics in keeping track of all this data. Annalee selected to work with Acctivate as their CRM and Inventory management program early on in our engagement with them. The only problem was that there really wasn’t a great out of the box integration solution for WooCommerce. So we built one. For the past 4 years we have been maintaining and evolving our own custom build Acctivate connector for WooCommerce and it has been working excellent for them.


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