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Shademonster WordPress / WooCommerce Website Design & Development

Custom blinds manufacturer

ShadeMonster, located in Miami, Florida, stands as a distinguished custom blinds manufacturer. With an extensive track record spanning over 25 years, they have mastered the art of crafting upscale window treatments for both commercial and residential spaces. As the premier one-stop shop for window blinds and shades, ShadeMonster is synonymous with trust and reliability. Their specialization lies in curating high-end window coverings, catering to a clientele with discerning tastes who hold a deep appreciation for excellence and personalized attention.

The realm of e-commerce for customized blinds is notably intricate. Shademonster approached us following prior collaborations with two separate development firms, experiences that fell short of translating their website concepts into reality. Faced with this challenge, we enthusiastically undertook the task to transform their digital presence.

The most variable of products

Variety knows no bounds when it comes to these custom blinds—it’s all about options, options, and more options. The project’s most intricate puzzle was picking up where someone else had left off, unraveling their progress, and then reimagining and enhancing it to align with ShadeMonster’s vision. Brace yourself for the complexity: each of their custom blind products boasts a staggering minimum of 100+ configuration options. Wrap your head around this—every blind product they offer opens up a realm of thousands of potential combinations. Crafting a solution that could seamlessly accommodate the diverse array of blind types was an undertaking to say the least. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; add in the pricing fluctuations tied to size selections and combined options. Topping it all off, the task included dovetailing discounts and seamlessly integrating the desired Affirm payment gateway option into the mix.

Shademonster Product Pricing Table

Handling price variations

Navigating the intricacies of this undertaking, the maze of variable pricing combinations stood out as one of the most formidable challenges. To address this, we used Advanced Custom Fields, fashioning a dynamic pricing table matrix. This enabled seamless integration of lengths and widths for the available products, complete with pricing multiplier increments factored in. This approach provided the flexibility needed by the expansive array of variable products featured on their website.

In addition we also introduced an intuitive mechanism empowering them to effortlessly establish overarching discount structures for product sizing. This strategic inclusion empowers ShadeMonster to adeptly steer their profit margins, master their costs, and orchestrate enticing promotions for select products at strategic intervals.

Shademonster product options select usability

Making the user experience intuitive

With the array of product options comprehensively accounted for, the next crucial step was implementing a user interface (UI) that seamlessly integrated all these choices without inundating the user. Collaborating closely with the client, we refined a design approach that excelled, particularly when accessed through mobile devices. The outcome is an artfully structured accumulation of information and choices, thoughtfully arranged to ensure a user-friendly experience as they navigate through their selections.

Among the standout attributes of the implemented design is its real-time price calculation functionality, which adjusts dynamically as you make your selections. As you traverse the product options, the design adeptly gathers your choices for the shades, showcasing a comprehensive list of your selections. What’s more, we’ve engineered in the Affirm payment gateway, seamlessly integrating a live payment estimate feature. This addition provides users with an up-to-the-moment projection of the final cost for their tailor-made product, enhancing transparency and user confidence.

Christina Pino Co-Founder of Shademonster

The team at FirstTracks Marketing did an amazing job getting our website up and running. The challenges with our custom blinds products was something two other developers couldn’t figure out, but FirstTracks got us over the finish line. Thank you for all your hard work on our website, we love it.

Christina Pino


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