Feminist Book Club

Feminist Book Club WordPress and WooCommerce Website Redesign

New WordPress / WooCommerce Website Design for Subscription Box Service Feminist Book Club

Website Redesign and e-commerce subscription service improvements

Renee M. Powers is the creator of the Feminist Book Club. A unique subscription box service built on WordPress and WooCommerce. FBC is about brining together intersectional feminist readers to fuck up systems of oppression since 2018 (in their own words). This was a website we were very excited to redesign! Bold presentation elements, lots of color and flair and exciting subject matter. Beyond the design we also had work to do on the back end to improve how the subscription system worked. Our aim was to make purchasing easier and fulfillment smoother and simpler for the team at FBC.

Feminist Book Club Shop Desktop Layout
Feminist Boo Club Product Page Layout Desktop
Feminist Book Club Holiday Shop Layout Desktop

Bold new WordPress / WooCommerce website design

The old Feminist Book Club website was running on a very old version of the thesis framework. This had a very limited series of features for them to work with which needed to change. Our design team worked with FBC to develop a new bold look and feel that took a lot of cues from their actual subscription boxes. We couldn’t be happier with the final product. The site is bold, brash and and definitely in your face, but easy on the eyes and quick to figure out.

Mobile Website Design for Feminist Book Club

Improving mobile experience and tracking

The new site went live in February 2021 and has delivered the goods:

  • Ecommerce revenues 100% year over year.
  • Mobile ecommerce conversion rate average of 2.85%.
  • Desktop conversion rate is averaging 13%!
  • Traffic and new users and sessions are all up about 80%

Excellent responsive programming combined with exceptional design and content strategy can’t be beat!

Enhancing fulfillment and subscription features

Running a subscription box service with a small team is no easy feat. Since the start Feminist Book Club had been managing monthly shipments from a spreadsheet. Not the most efficient or accurate way to handle this exercise each month. Our development team helped them integrate their WooCommerce store with Pirate Ship. This meant no more spreadsheet import each month to handle all orders at once. Now they can use the built in tools with their website to manage their orders every month. This back end enhancement also made the process of managing your subscription easier. Now customers can swap their books, upgrade their subscription and to take part in monthly polls and surveys all from the my account area.

Feminist Book Club WooCommerce Order System Improvements
Renee Powers - Founder of Feminist Book Club

“FirstTracks has gone above and beyond with every deliverable for my site redesign. And as a plus, they’re all so fun to work with!”

Renee M. Powers
Founder of Feminist Book Club



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