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Foley Industrial Engines WordPress / WooCommerce Website Redesign

Foley Engines WordPress & WooCommerce Website Redesign

Improved Website Design, Functionality and Sales

Foley Engines has been doing business in Worcester MA for 105 years. They came to our team looking for help taking their e-commerce operations to the next level. They started selling their products online in 2018 using WordPress and WooCommerce. We worked with their initial site design and setup until September of 2020. That’s when we relaunched their site with the brand new design we created for them. The new website design features better organization and improved mobile responsive performance.

Foley Engines WordPress / WooCommerce Homepage Desktop Website Design
Foley Engines WooCommerce Website Shop Desktop Design

We would give six stars if possible! We began our relationship with FirstTracks in 2018 by starting with a website audit. Soon after, we partnered up with them to cleanup our website to include fixing some branding issues and correcting some high level SEO issues. It wasn’t long before FirstTracks also took over our Adwords account management and conversions have never been better.

Jay Foley
Owner Foley Engines

Foley Engines WordPress / WooCommerce Mobile Website Designs

Increasing Mobile Shopping Revenues by 200%

Foley Engines sells a lot of utilitarian gotta have it ASAP kind of products. We wanted to make sure it was quick, simple and easy to search and browse products on a mobile device. This way the mechanics and operators of the industrial equipment that Foley Engines supplies parts for can quickly get the parts they need to keep their jobs moving. Analytics proves the need was there for these improvements. Since the new site launched in October of 2020 mobile transactions have increased by 128%, revenue is up 200% and ecommerce conversion rate is up 105%. This increase in mobile shopping experience has increased their mobile shopping audience to 50% of their total audience interaction and 40% of their total sales. Nothing short of spectacular.

Foley Engines Tech Tip Mobile Website Design
Foley Engines Video Tech Tip Archive Mobile Design
Foley Engines Timing Belt Kit Mobile Design



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