Society of the Little Flower

The Society of the Little Flower WordPress / WooCommerce NonProfit website redesign

WordPress / WooCommerce Website Redesign for nonprofit the Society of the Little Flower

Migrating to WP Engine Dedicated hosting

Website redesign and massive data migration project

The Society of the Little Flower website was in need of a complete redesign and system update. The previous website system was a custom 3rd party setup that was less than adequate. One major challenge was to rebuild all their legacy site content and order history with WordPress and WooCommerce. Not a small amount of data by any means. Our developers worked with the Little Flower team to help guide us and make sure nothing was overlooked. We then developed custom scripts to collect and migrate everything over to WordPress and WooCommerce. The most complicated parts of this being their reoccurring donations. We migrated these and then converted them all over to active WooCommerce subscriptions. Our team handled everything without losing anything. The transition was smooth and seamless.

The Society of the Little Flower WordPress / WooCommerce Online Donation system

Converting all donation and e-commerce systems to WordPress & WooCommerce

One of the more unique aspects of this project is that all ecommerce transactions on this new site are all donations. Managing donations to an organization is not something that WooCommerce is known for. The way our team architected the solution here for Society of the Little Flower is quite clever. Using Gravity Forms, Name Your Price Products and WooCommerce Subscriptions we were able to build out all their “products”. Every product has a suggested donation amount, option to choose other amounts or ability to enter their own amount. Now that everything is setup with WooCommerce it makes tracking donation performance easier.

Rebuilding Mass Cards Functionality

The mass cards products were another challenging aspect of this build. These products are custom physical and e-cards that people can send donations through. Each card is unique in layout and entry options. We had to get very clever in building these out. We used a combination of WooCommerce with Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields to achieve our goal. Now the staff at Little Flower can create new cards and expand this inventory using the new tools we created. The system allows them to setup any custom fields they need, position them on the card and generate the preview for the user. We even created a way to allow the user to look up their sent cards using their email address on the website.

The Society of the Little Flower WordPress / WooCommerce Mobile Website design samples

Mobile Responsive Experience

A major opportunity for improvement was with the mobile responsive design and formatting. The previous Little Flower website, while responsive was not designed well at all. With all the exciting new product functionality we had planned it was imperative that the mobile website be top notch. Since the site launched a few months ago the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 20% increase in session duration
  • 24% increase in transactions
  • 12% increase in revenue
  • 134% increase in conversion rate

“We’ve been delighted with the work that FirstTracks has done on our website redesign using WordPress and WooCommerce. We had some big challenges as a religious nonprofit with truly unique products but there was nothing the FirstTracks team couldn’t solution. Their marketing advice has been solid and we’re already seeing a return on those changes. They’ve been so responsive and down-to-earth; it’s made working on this project very satisfying. Thank you, Matt, and the whole team!”

Susan Hayse
Web Manager

Email Marketing with Klaviyo

Email Marketing with Klaviyo

Another important component to this project was upgrading their email efforts. They were using an outdated email software that didn’t offer great tracking and no automation features. We worked with the Little Flower team to help plan their system migration. Klaviyo has given them a whole new understanding for how their email campaigns are performing. Our team helped them build out the following components and trained them on how to use everything.

  • Abandoned Cart Automation
  • Welcome Series Automation
  • Browse Abandonment Automation
  • Sunset Automation
  • Daily Reflections Campaign Automation
  • Brand new email template design



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