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Texas Jewelry Company Crafting Handmade Western Masterpieces

Supporting the growth and expansion of a staple Texas brand

The team at FirstTracks Marketing has been working with Hyo Silver since 2014. We first helped them initially overhaul their ecommerce presence into WordPress and WooCommerce way back in 2014. From there things have been growing like crazy and our efforts have been ever expanding to help support that growth. The image samples you see here in this case study are from the most recent website redesign we did for them. This latest iteration of the site launched in June of 2022 and is the 3rd site design we have done for Hyo Silver. This latest version features a big shift in product photography going for a much lighter and more elegant look with more white space to better highlight the elegant beauty of their products.

The FirstTracks Marketing team has been supporting Hyo Silver for more than eight years now! We have grown our business a considerable amount in this time and continue to aim even higher. The team at FirstTracks has been instrumental in helping us scale these operations and improve our quality and results consistently. I don’t know what we would do without them.

Josie Symons-Krider
Vice President Hyo Silver

Hyo Silver Mobile WordPress / WooCommerce Website Design Samples

Shopping easier on mobile

When 85% of your traffic is mobile based you better be sure you have a smooth, clean nimble experience for your users. 70% of all converted revenue comes from mobile devices for Hyo Silver. Our focus in this latest redesign was to make the product pages more compact and organized. This makes not only browsing products on smaller screens easier it also makes choosing your options and checking out faster and easier as well.

Custom orders are easier than ever

Beyond the direct e-commerce sales that happen on the Hyo Silver website there is another huge piece of their business, custom orders. The new Hyo Silver website features newly redesigned custom order forms for Custom Buckles, Rings, Ring Sets, Bands, Class Rings, Knives, Pendants and Spurs. The new custom order forms feature a spread out layout for easier viewing. We also reworked all of the drop down selectors for the forms to display as graphic images, making the custom ordering process more fun and visual for customers. Custom order requests have grown about 50 percent since the relaunch of these enhancements.

GiveX Integration with WooCommerce

Givex Integration with WooCommerce

Gift cards are a $124 billion a year industry, with 80% of consumers having either given or received a gift card in the last year. In addition 72% of gift card recipients spend more than the value of their card. Hyo Silver was looking to level up their gift card setup by being able to issue physical gift cards to customers, their platform of choice was Givex. Our developers challenge was to script an API bridge between WooCommerce and Givex using the RestAPI. This now allows their customers to purchase their gift cards online or in their physical store and have the gift card properly register and deduct from their system regardless of where it’s being redeemed. Game changer for Hyo Silver. If you have a Givex program and are looking to integrate it with WooCommerce contacts us, we would be happy to discuss how we can help you get that setup.



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