Improving an Already Growing Business

Hyo Silver

A Texas-based Jewelry Company That Crafts Handmade Ornamental Masterpieces

The Back Story

Hyo Silver’s western-style product collection would normally be considered niche. But with its large and growing customer base, Hyo Silver has elevated “niche” to a whole new level. Still, Hyo Silver needed help updating the e-commerce components of its website and refining its online ad spend to continue to grow its business.

The Challenge

With some obvious brand recognition, Hyo Silver was still lacking some basic product data on its website. Also, while Hyo Silver’s pay-per-click campaign appeared to create a return on investment, conversion/sales tracking was not installed.

A Bold, Clean and Simple Design

A certified WooCommerce expert, FirstTracks designed and implemented a new e-commerce site experience, combining great design with a vastly improved sales environment. It all started with the new homepage. The new homepage for Hyo Silver features big bold images, flexible section customization and a live Instagram feed from the #hyosilverselfie tag showcasing its beautiful products in all aspects of life.

Hyo Silver Website Sample

Improving Product Browsing

The previous Hyo Silver site didn’t employ any product filtering, which made browsing the company’s vast catalog of jewelry via category cumbersome. FirstTracks helped Hyo Silver define all its product attributes and built a new filter system into the new site. Now customers can easily select products by birth month, stone color, metal color, gender, occasion and even collection. The result is a much more organic browsing experience that gets the customer to what they are looking for faster—resulting in sales increases across the board.

Hyo Silver Website Sample
Hyo Silver Website Sample

Custom Jewelry Orders, Simplified

The new Hyo Silver website features newly redesigned custom order forms for Custom Buckles, Rings, Ring Sets, Bands, Class Rings, Knives, Pendants and Spurs. The new custom order forms feature a spread out layout for easier viewing. We also reworked all of the drop down selectors for the forms to display as graphic images, making the custom ordering process more fun and visual for customers. Custom order requests have grown about 50 percent since the relaunch of these enhancements.

Hyo Silver Website Sample
Hyo Silver Website Sample
Hyo Silver Landing Page Sample

E-commerce Data, Conversions & Channels

Using the new site we have been able to better target and test all the operating channels used to sell Hyo Silver’s jewelry. The new site has a very efficient landing page builder component that makes it easy to whip up real estate to feature just about anything. We can also easily clone and tweak this real estate to make ongoing A/B testing quick and easy.

Titles, Data & Rich Snippets

While creating custom product titles was a no brainer (and resulted in an organic search lift), there is so much more that goes into a great product landing page. For instance, by adding search friendly product data such as color, size, metal and stone, comparison engines such as Google Shopping can better understand what Hyo Silver is selling (and serve ads to the correct audience).

Refined Ad Spend

By installing conversion tracking, and feeding this data back to the AdWords campaign, we were able to make some major insights into Hyo Silver’s online spend. Hyo Silver was allocating more than 90 percent of its ad spend on generic jewelry terms (silver bracelet, silver belt buckle, men’s cufflinks). Surprisingly, almost every sale was driven by branded terms (Hyo Silver jewelry, Hyo Silver necklaces, etc.). While this result was a major complement to Hyo Silver’s brand recognition, the budget was simply not converting sales?  Finding a better way to allocate the budget was necessary.

Product Listing Ads

Google Merchant Shopping Ads
Left: Before, a text-based HyO ad, where conversion rates were low (.2%). Right: After, HyO’s new image ads, converting at almost 4% — by using image ads, we are only paying for visitors that are in the market for this style of jewelry.

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs), when used correctly, are a very powerful advertising tool. Instead of advertising a vanilla text-based pay-per-click ad, PLAs allow the advertiser to display a product image. Yes, this requires a lot of technical integration: Rich Snippets, a Google Merchant Account, a shopping cart system that creates a live product feed for Google Merchant Center, and a Google AdWords account to manage the ad delivery. However, the results can be phenomenal in the right context.

For example, before PLAs, if a user searched a generic term such as “sterling silver pendant,” a text-based Hyo Silver ad would display. A high percentage of users would click it before realizing they were not in the market for a western-style piece. Today, when searching for “sterling silver pendant,” a Hyo Silver image-based ad appears. This might not sound like much, but by using image ads, Hyo Silver is only attracting (and paying the click through for) people who actually like the jewelry and who are more likely to convert. The goal is filtering out all users that we could never hope to “sell.” This means saving Hyo Silver ad spend, and more importantly, increasing the conversion rate among more expensive paid visitors.

The Results

  • 600%
    Email List Growth
  • 1500%
    Average PPC Campaign ROAS
  • 20%
    Average Monthly Sales Increase

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