2023 FirstTracks Holiday Gift Guide

2023 FirstTracks Marketing Holiday Gift Guide

What a whirlwind of a year it’s been at FirstTracks!

Can you believe we’re about to tie a big, festive bow on it all? From juggling work wins to personal victories, our team has been on a wild ride. Now, we’re eagerly counting down the minutes to some well-deserved R&R and quality time with our loved ones.

While some might have already nailed their holiday shopping game, for all you last-minute rockstars out there—yeah, we’re talking to you!—we’ve got your back. Better late than never, right? Enter the FirstTracks Annual Gift Guide! It’s bursting with goodies from our sensational partners nationwide. These aren’t just presents; they’re a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the awesome folks who make them happen. Our clients? Oh, they’re like shooting stars in the business galaxy, and we’re here to shine a spotlight on their incredible offerings. So, let’s extend the holiday spirit a little longer, dive into our tardy but totally worth-it guide, and keep the festive vibes going strong! Let’s make this season the most unforgettable one yet!

Annalee Dolls

Annalee Dolls Plaid and Pine Elf Trio

Since 1934, Annalee Dolls has brought magic to the holiday season and their 2023 Christmas Collections are no exception. Local to us in New Hampshire, this company creates seasonal dolls that bring big smiles to every holiday. Their creator was coined saying, “the magic is in the smile.”  We invite you to be part of the very merry Annalee tradition and shop their latest Santas, Mrs. Santas, reindeer, snowmen, elves and more festive characters. This year, we are favoring their rustic Plaid and Pine Collection for its chic country charm. This collection is not the traditional bold red and greens and has a woodland feel which makes it truly unique. May I suggest the Plaid and Pine Elf Trio? This set includes one each of the 5in Plaid & Pine Elf,  9in Plaid & Pine Elf, and 14in Plaid & Pine Elf. We love all the elves, as the poseable possibilities are endless, and you really can get into some mischievous elf-on-the-shelf fun.

Hyo Silver

Saddle up ’cause Hyo Silver is your ticket for beautiful jewelry and accessories! Nestled in the legendary Cowboy Capital of the World—Bandera, Texas—this brand has been wrangling hearts since 1999. Founded by the talented former Miss Rodeo Australia, Jo Symons, Hyo Silver’s posse of designers, artisans, and service champs churn out pure gold and silver magnificence that screams Southern legacy! From belt buckles that make a statement to jaw-dropping signature jewelry. Hey, if you’re Vegas-bound this December, scoot over to their shows at Cowboy Christmas and the Cinch Western Gift Show and witness the magic firsthand! Psst, wanna know a secret? You can even tailor-make your accessories with their crafty artisans! Ok, ok, our top pick? Well I’m loving the Harper Noon Earrings. A true classic western design featuring bold blue turquoise that would add elegance to any look. Attention dear husband: Pick me!


Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause Bari-Life isn’t just your ordinary supplement supplier—it’s the superhero of success stories in the bariatric world! Picture this: a real bariatric surgeon gets tired of ‘meh’ results and decides, “Hey, let’s make things better!” Boom! Bari-Life is born, dedicated to turbocharging patients with everything they need to conquer their goals. These guys? They’re like the rock stars of supplement options—industry-favorites, hands down! With nifty autoship perks and a passion for customer smarts, they’re like Santa’s little helpers all year round. Now, not every product may suit Aunt Sue or Uncle Joe, but let’s spill the beans on their protein game! Enter the protein bars—your snacking superhero. They’re filling, they’re nutritious. My personal faves? The Caramel Crunch Bars, closely followed by the Peanut Butter—hello, deliciousness! They’ve got an irresistible caramel filling wrapped in perfect chocolatey goodness. And guess what? Guilt-free indulgence! With 12-15 grams of protein per serving and low everything—carbs, sugar, fat, cholesterol, calories—they’re basically the on-the-go track to snack success in 2024.

Climax Jerky

Let’s talk jerky—the ultimate truth: not all jerkies are created equal. Enter Climax Jerky, the shining star among jerky brands. This Colorado-based, family-owned gem has been fueling adventures since 1999 with their all-natural, gourmet goodness that empowers folks to conquer their daily peaks! Owned by a dynamic woman, this jerky is a cut above the rest, made from whole muscle cuts of meat, not the usual chopped and formed fare. It’s a hero for health-conscious eaters—low sugar, low sodium, and absolutely no preservatives. Believe me, in the office, we’ve devoured boxes of this stuff—it’s simply irresistible! They’ve got your classic flavors covered and even some exotic ones like salmon, duck, wild boar, and alligator. But here’s the jackpot: Brooke’s Favorites Bundle. Brooke, the owner, handpicked her top four flavors—teriyaki elk, spicy buffalo, peppered venison, and wild boar jerky—all in one pack. Trust me, their entire range is a flavor fiesta, but this bundle? It’s an absolute flavor explosion to get you started! Plus, grab the bundle and enjoy a cool 10% off—talk about a mouthwatering deal! Just a heads up, though: this jerky will vanish quicker than Rudolph on Christmas Eve. Perfect as a gift, but let’s be real—get one for your giftee and sneak in an extra for yourself. Indulge in jerky paradise!

Concord Lamp & Shade

Hey there, holiday home enthusiasts! Let’s face it, when the festivities kick in, we’re all about creating the perfect cozy ambiance for those cherished moments with loved ones. And hey, who hasn’t experienced the classic “mom comments” about home lighting? Yep, been there! That’s why I’m jazzed to steer you toward our pals at Concord Lamp & Shade—these folks are the real deal when it comes to brightening up your space! Since their launch in ’76, they’ve been the go-to for traditional and custom lighting that’s simply unparalleled. Picture this: 2,000+ lampshades in-store and access to an endless array of styles, fabrics, and trims! Their lighting gurus are like Santa’s helpers, guiding you to the lampshade of your dreams. Now, they might not have every single option online, but fear not, their assistance is top-notch! What’s got me totally enchanted? Their collectible lamps—glass vessels waiting to hold your treasured memories, be it sand from your favorite beach or your prized coin collection. It’s like displaying your memories in a stylish, protected way—now, that’s what I call a brilliant gift idea! Prices and sizes vary, but let’s be honest, 2024 is calling for a personalized lamp, and I can’t wait to team up with the incredible experts like Ann and Karen at Concord Lamp & Shade to find that perfect fit for my space and an awesome lampshade too. Here’s to lighting up the holidays and beyond!

Calef’s Country Store

When it comes to old-fashioned country stores, Calef’s Country Store is in a league of its own—not just in the country, but worldwide! Since 1869, they’ve been the beacon of New England charm, curating 90% of their gifts and specialty foods from small New England companies. Now, let’s talk cheese, shall we? Prepare to be blown away! Their cheese isn’t just cheese; it’s a culinary masterpiece that’ll make you do a happy dance. Picture this: Rat Trap Country Store Cheddar, hand-packed in 40lb wheels—creamy, delicious, and utterly irresistible! But wait, there’s more! If you’re a cheese enthusiast (let’s be real, who isn’t?), dive into their heavenly selection or opt for their incredible gift boxes with cheese galore. However, this year, my radar’s pinging for pickles! Trust me, it’s a hoot and a half, and an absolute White Elephant gem. Now, the product name might sound whimsical, but these pickles mean serious business. Calef’s 12 Pickles in a Bucket—a best-seller that’s practically as renowned as their “Snappy Old Cheese.” We’re talking mouth watering dills and sours shipped nationwide. They’re so good; they’ve even found their way onto a local restaurant’s menu and are a must-have with every sandwich at their Country Deli. Seriously, these pickles are a game-changer—stash ’em in the fridge if you dare, but fair warning: they’ll disappear quicker than you can say “cheese and pickles, please!” Trust me, your taste buds need these pickles in their life!

Pilot Workshops

Calling all aviation aficionados! If you’ve got a pilot—or someone dreaming of taking flight—here’s a gift that’ll send them soaring! Since 2005, PilotWorkshops has been the go-to hub for online training courses and pilot-friendly manuals tailored for general aviation pilots. Their squad of award-winning instructors is like the Avengers of the skies, helping pilots of all levels achieve top-tier safety and excellence. With a whopping 200,000 pilots relying on their training, you know they mean business! Picture this: a treasure trove of online training and manuals designed to sharpen core flying skills and provide scenario-based training. Trust me, their expertise is the gold standard among experts! Whether it’s a pilot, a pilot-in-training, or simply an aviation enthusiast, slipping one of their manuals into a stocking is a guaranteed win. These manuals cover a wide range of topics—from Pilot’s Legal Guide to Emergency Strategies, Airplane Engines, IFR Procedures, VFR Communications, and so much more. We’re smitten with the Pilot Workshops team—these folks are the real MVPs of the skies, bringing an unparalleled wealth of knowledge to elevate every flight. Seriously, if you want to give the ultimate wings to someone’s aviation passion, look no further!

Boston Aircontrols

Hey, we get it—Santa’s not usually stuffing HVAC parts into stockings! But let’s give a big shoutout to our pals at BostonAircontrols—they’re like the MVPs of keeping things cozy and cool. Ever heard of Belimo? Of course, you have! And guess who’s rocking the #1 spot as their distributor? Yep, it’s Boston Aircontrols, waving the HVAC flag like nobody’s business. Here’s the scoop: Their website’s like a treasure trove, offering Belimo parts straight to your doorstep. And guess what’s even cooler than a snowman? Free membership, baby! Free shipping and discounts on all your dream Belimo parts? Uh, yes please! These guys aren’t just pros; they’re HVAC wizards! Need help with part selection or cross-referencing? They’ve got your back, sleigh bells and all. Oh, and let’s talk about Henry—the friendliest guy in town and the whole staff follows suit! They’re all about honoring warranties and chatting online about revamping old parts. So, maybe you’re not wishing for a valve, actuator, sensor, or a brand new system under the tree this year, but hey, don’t miss out on top-notch HVAC support! If your business or property needs a little HVAC magic, there’s no one better to ring than these guys!

Foley Engines

Who said every gift had to be a candle? For those rockin’ a diesel engine or someone who adores all things diesel, feast your eyes on FoleyEngines.com—your go-to gift heaven! Yep, they’ve been in the engine game since 1916, and though there’s a new owner, they’re still slaying the engine world. From engine manuals to fuel injectors, fuel pumps, clutch discs, and beyond, they’re Santa’s workshop of diesel engine goodies! And guess what? Quick tip: They’re wizards at keeping those critical components in stock and zipping them out for same-day shipping! I mean, seriously, if you’ve got someone in your life who’d appreciate a timing belt kit more than a festive sweater, THIS is the jackpot. Prepare for impeccable service, unbeatable pricing, and an extensive selection that’ll rev up the holiday cheer for any diesel aficionado!

Toner Cable

TonerCable.com isn’t your typical shopping stop, but for someone in the know, it’s an absolute treasure trove! Trusted for top-notch content delivery solutions, they’ve been at the forefront for over 50+ years, offering unparalleled expertise in cable TV, broadcast, satellite, and IPTV technologies—basically, they’re the wizards behind the screens. Stocked with all kinds of television signal distribution systems, their inventory is like the backstage pass to everyday technology magic. Look, I might not comprehend all the technicalities behind their gear, but I do know this: Their equipment is crucial to so much of what we do daily. They’ve got the splitters, kits, cables—everything you’d need to make the tech world spin! If you’re part of this realm, Toner Cable is your holy grail—reliable, high-quality gear at prices that won’t send you into orbit. Trust me, their expertise is so on point, they’d probably ace the apocalypse too!

Hopefully these gave you some great holiday gift ideas!

While we can’t possibly fit all our amazing clients into this holiday gift guide, if you’re in the market for a private school adventure, a soot-free chimney, a Leeboy paver for your driveway dreams, pet diagnostics that’ll make your furry friend wag their tail, a pre-loved ambulance, a dazzling stroboscope, or even wish to spread some goodwill through a nonprofit donation—hit us up! We’ve got the insider scoop on the perfect companies for you to connect with. Our clients bring a delightful variety of offerings to the table, and we hold each relationship near and dear. Being part of their 2023 journey has been an absolute blast, and we’re revved up to turbocharge 2024 into the ultimate year yet! Here’s to a season filled with joy, warmth, and the happiest of holidays for you and your loved ones.

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