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New e-commerce website for Boston based HVAC components distributor.

Getting started with e-commerce the right way.

Boston Aircontrols have been in business in Burlington MA for over 25 years and up until 2019 had been selling product and growing sales in a very traditional fashion. The owner of Boston Aircontrols decided it was time to take his vast catalog of HVAC components online for direct sale. When we say vast we mean it, his goal was to launch with initially 10,000 SKUs to start! Our team helped Boston Aircontrols completely redesign their website for e-commerce and efficiently built out their new massive catalog via imports to assemble all the necessary product and catalog data. Since launching in February 2020, the results have been fantastic. Clearing over $300K in sales, overall site sessions are up 675%, average session duration is up 100% and lead conversions are up 560%!

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Henry Torres Owner of Boston Aircontrols

I really love working with you guys, my site is amazing! Listen to the full testimonial on the actual voicemail he left us!

Henry Torres
Owner of Boston Aircontrols

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Fresh, Fast, Responsive Design

Our goal in designing our their new website was to make sure it was clean, professional, light and fast. With the amount of SKUs they were looking to start with vast expansion beyond that amount is all but an inevitability as they plan to add new brands on in the future. The FirstTracks team got to work planning, designing, building, and implementing a whole new theme framework for the Boston Aircontrols website. This new design features a much lighter, sleeker, and professional tone.

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Integrated Marketing Strategy

Ramping up a Successful Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Just having a new e-commerce website is great and all, but how do you get customers to find your website and buy? With an integrated online marketing strategy that’s how! We planned a comprehensive plan for advertising with Google, Bing and Facebook in addition to email marketing automation and ongoing campaign strategies using Klaviyo to aggressively build out their buying audience for the site. Their goal for 2020 was sell at least $250,000 in parts online, we are happy to report that we were able to help eclipse that goal by almost $60K!


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