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Why WooCommerce?

There are lots of options our there for eCommerce websites. From Magento, to Shopify, to BigCommerce and many more, so why does WooCommerce hold 42% of the market share? The answer is simple, it’s flexibility. Is it the easiest thing to pick up and just selling a handful of products all by yourself, no we wouldn’t say that it is, in that instance you may be better off starting with a Shopify site and migrating to WooCommerce once your store really starts to take off. WooCommerce a very flexible piece of software that can help you sell just about anything the way you want to sell it. It may require some investment to get it exactly where you want it but with the right development team behind you that knows the right way to make things work you will set yourself up for scalable long term success with your eCommerce efforts. We have built many successful WooCommerce Websites that sell everything from collectible dolls to organic groceries to western style jewelry to market trading insight subscriptions.

Our WooCommerce development and customization work has been so good that we are an official VERIFIED WooExpert. This means that we have been personally vetted by WooCommerce, they have reviewed our design and development work and approved our inclusion with their short list of developers who specialize in their eCommerce technology.

WooCommerce is excellent because

  1. Extensions: make it easy for you to ship, track and manage your orders
  2. Reporting: Easy to use reporting dashboard makes it easy to track and analyze sales
  3. Integrations: allow you to sell online courses, book appointments, sell event tickets or even memberships and subscriptions
  4. Mobile Friendly: Plays well with other plugins and themes fully responsive out of the box
  5. Experience: View our full catalog of woocommerce website samples

Reliable Code Source

Woocommerce is ReliableWooCommerce is the leading eCommerce provider for WordPress and incorporates extremely reliable and well written code. They also continue to expand and evolve, which is critical in this fast paced market. Having that reliable base makes customizations and support of your eCommerce website simple and easy.

Payment Gateways

Woocommerce Payment OptionsYou want to sell your products online but to do that you obviously need to be able to accept payment for your products. WooCommerce has you covered. There are over 100 payment gateways available for WooCommerce. All the major players such as Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal, FirstData, and Amazon are covered. There are also multiple gateways that service international purchases as well. We have never had a problem finding a suitable payment solution for any of our client websites. If you want to sell online there will be a payment gateway provider that will work with your business.

Extension Options

Woocommerce ExtensionsWooCommerce is built on the developer friendly and flexible Rest API. This has resulted in an absolute explosion of add on extensions for WooCommerce that allow you to add all sorts of exciting functionality. We have built and configured sites that have bulk ordering components, online membership solutions and even event ticket purchasing solutions that are all powered by great base extensions available for WooCommerce. If you have something unique you want to sell online there is probably an extension to make that possible.

Community Support

Woocommerce SupportWooThemes and WooCommerce are all about community. The support that community provides is second to none. Online video walkthroughs, detailed online how to articles, full support forum and a support ticketing system for all their products is easily available. There are so many places where you can get themes and extensions but not many that offer the level of customer service and dedication that’s provided by the WooCommerce community. We want our clients to have the best running and performing sites out there and it takes a skilled team of experts and a comprehensive community to make that happen.

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