Crushing Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

2020 has been a year like no other

The FirstTracks team has helped many businesses weather changes and adjustments this year due to these ever-changing times. One thing, however, has been consistent:  E-commerce sales (in particular for retail) have been booming this year. With all the shifting to social distancing, online shopping has become more prevalent than ever.

For most of our clients, Black Friday / Cyber Monday used to be two huge single days that required a great deal of planning and coordination. Now Black Friday / Cyber Monday have been extended into practically a whole month of special deals and savings. This dramatic change meant even more careful planning and execution of all our client promotions this year. It is always exciting seeing all of these efforts come together. But this year it seemed much more gratifying with everyone facing so many additional challenges.

We are extremely proud to share some highlights from just a handful of our clients this year. Our team worked their butts off straight through these holidays to make sure these promotions went off without a hitch and delivered the results our clients were aiming for.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Highlights 2020 vs. 2019

Annalee Dolls

Annalee Dolls

Client since 2015. We partner with Annalee Dolls on all of its online marketing strategy, design, and development needs. The company’s website has been going gangbusters and is on-track to shatter all previous online sales records this year. Our entire team is super excited by the amazing community and countless smiles that Annalee is brining to all its current and new customers in 2020. Wow! Check out Annalee’s stellar Black Friday / Cyber Monday results!

  • Traffic up 17%
  • Revenue up 61%
  • Orders up 58%

Hyo Silver

Hyo Silver

Client since 2014. We have had the pleasure of helping Hyo Silver grow its distinct western brand and expand its online presence and customer base for the better part of six years now. As the Hyo Silver community continues to expand, the challenge to continually innovate with better creative, visuals, and enhanced data and analytics is something we truly enjoy. The holiday season is a critical time of year for the business and this year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday push did not disappoint!

  • Traffic up 62%
  • Revenue up 39%
  • Orders up 33%

Sofia's Findings

Sofia’s Findings

Sofia’s Findings came on board with our team in 2019. This has been an exciting year as we were able to completely redesign and rebuild Sofia’s Findings WordPress / WooCommerce website. We relaunched the new site in August 2020, and since then things have really been clicking. November 2020 overall has been Sofia’s Findings single biggest month ever as an online company. Contributing to this record-setting month were some truly awesome Black Friday / Cyber Monday results. The FirstTracks team couldn’t be more proud and more excited about these accomplishments.

  • Traffic up 166%
  • Revenue up 320%
  • Orders up 283%

Curly Girl Design

Curly Girl Design

Client since 2014. Curly Girl Design is on track to finish the year 120% up year over year! One major contributing factor to this amazing growth and turnaround from 2019 was deciding to move back to WooCommerce from Shopify. We achieved Curly Girl’s outstanding Black Friday / Cyber Monday campaign results using coordinated Facebook, Google, Bing, and email marketing campaigns in conjunction with the new WooCommerce website.

  • Traffic up 137%
  • Revenue up 152%
  • Orders up 136%


Bari Life

Client since 2018. This has been a big year of changes for Bari Life. We launched the company’s brand new site design in January and completed a transition over from Infusionsoft to Klaviyo that has revolutionized how we can customize, analyze, track, and improve the company’s email campaigns and automation efforts. Bari Life is on track for an overall year’s growth of just over 20%. Contributing to that overall effort was an exceptional Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotional blitz!

  • Traffic up 139%
  • Revenue up 71%
  • Orders up 29%

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