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WordPress & WooCommerce Website Design & Relaunch

Curly Girl Design - Improving Site Design, Functionality and Sales

Curly Girl Design has been a client of FirstTracks Marketing since 2014. This latest version of their website is the second major design overhaul we have done for them in that time. Our goal was to dramatically overhaul the look and feel of the site to make better use of all the cute and creative things that Curly Girl Designs creates. We also wanted to focus on reorganizing their 5000+ SKU catalog to be easier for the consumer to explore. Prior to the site rebuild all products were just classified with categories which made for a very linear browsing experience. With the addition of product attributes you can explore their offerings in new ways like occasion, color or material. This helps show more variety of product, encourages longer site stays and ultimately higher average cart values.

Curly Girl Design WooCommerce Product Page
Curly Girl Design Landing Page
Curly Girl Design Landing Page
Leigh Standley

Worked with FirstTracks on a number of site improvements and enhancements, as well as a full site redesign and launch. Really enjoyed working with the team as they were knowledgable, creatively inclined (which was so important!), and responsive. And best – they were just fun to work with. It was a great partnership and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Leigh Standley
Owner / CEO of Curly Girl Design

Curly Girl Mobile WordPress Website Designs

Improving Mobile Shopping Experience

Simply adding responsive functionality to an existing website is way different than getting to start from scratch and design the experience out from there. That’s exactly what we did here. The brand new design approach all started here with the mobile presentation. We have seen from their analytics the continuous growth their mobile access numbers have been showing so this was an absolute must. You will notice from the samples below that careful care and attention was paid to make sure that menus and cart functionality were easily accessible. One of the things we were most proud of is the way we were able to carry their visual creative flair through even on the smallest of screens.

Curly Girl Product Grid Design

New Bold Design

The new Curly Girl Design website features a much bolder look. We wanted to create the new site in a way that made it very easy for the staff at Curly Girl to create and share more of their cute awesomeness. We accomplished this by creating their new homepage with a series of easy to use custom fields that allow them to swap out headers, text, product features, background image and calls to action all in a matter of seconds. We also wanted to make it easy for them to swap out headers throughout the site as well so we built in easy to use product and blog category header image uploads which makes it quick and easy for them to update massive amounts of display images to vastly change the look of the site season to season or whenever they feel like it. We are thrilled to see the end result where their artwork, style and flair take center stage, the end result is awesome.

Curly Girl Mobile Website Design



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