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Paid Advertising Services

Paid Advertising Services

Navigating Through Digital Marketing Spaces

When it comes to digital marketing there’s no one-size-fits-all plan. Just because one paid channel has been successful for one business does not mean we will see the same outcomes for another business. It’s important to test new approaches on a consistent basis.

Constant Optimization is Key

By optimizing accounts and providing necessary changes over time many of our clients  have consistently seen 17% growth year over year for revenue earned. Our e-commerce clients are also seeing a range of 400–1700% ROAS (Return Over Ad Spend) overall. Our digital advertising efforts generate around 20% of their total overall revenue.

Staying up to date in the industry

The digital advertising space is always changing and many factors can impact performance. Facebook is one of the big advertising channels but new platform changes can easily impact performance. We work closely with Google and Facebook to stay on top of upcoming changes to be as prepared as possible for when they launch, which is vital for success in the digital ad space.

Customized Marketing Plans

Based on customer demographics, call to action and budget, we decide where budgets will best be utilized and provide a strong ROAS. We utilize different combinations of channels including Google Adwords, Microsoft Ads, Social Media Advertising, Amazon Ads and any other platform that fits within our clients’ goals. Constant communication with our clients is essential so they know what to expect. The landscape of these networks are constantly changing, always impacting ROAS, budgets, and performance. As a leader in the industry we are able prepare and forecast for our clients account success in a strategic manner.

Reporting & Recommendations

We provide highly detailed weekly and monthly performance reporting on all paid efforts. It is a data-driven approach that allows us to analyze the health of the account and make crucial and timely decisions that impact ROAS. Constant optimization is key to the success of our clients’ marketing campaigns. Are you currently advertising? Do you know what you are getting in return? Many of our clients have experienced frustrating relationships where they have no insights into the health of their ads. You should know exactly how much is being spent, where it is being spent and what revenue you are getting from it.

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