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Through the aggregate power of Content Marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), FirstTracks increases your online visibility to ensure more potential customers find you!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Increase Visibility. Increase Conversions.

75% of businesses haven’t formalized the way they produce online content. In today’s busy marketplace, content is a real challenge for companies looking to grow their digital footprint. How are new customers finding you? Is your site optimized to climb the search engine ranks and reach your target audience? At FirstTracks, we work with clients to organize and prepare a comprehensive digital content marketing strategy based on powerful research and competitive analysis to help achieve their goals, improve search rankings and boost sales at the same time.


It’s not just a fun blog post.

Have a great idea for some creative content? Something you can create in an hour that your customers will love? How are you planning to maximize the benefits of your efforts? Creating compelling, engaging and smart content-driven experiences for customers is our bread and butter at FirstTracks. We believe strongly in a holistic content strategy that aligns with your marketing calendar. While many of our clients collaborate with us on the creative, they often leave the optimizing to our team. When we develop new content we review all relevant and unique copy to ensure it earns SEO value and ultimately drives traffic to your site. After the content is live we also work to properly distribute it beyond your website so that it can get maximum exposure with your target audience, whether through social media, email, pay-per-click advertising or another channel. And then, of course, we measure its overall success over time by monitoring key performance indicators.

Fact: SEO is not a magic trick.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing effort to bring the right customers to your website. With the help of some powerful tools, FirstTracks analyzes, monitors and reports strategic recommendations that ultimately increase organic traffic and keeps visitors coming back to your website. SEO is synonymous with good quality digital content. As part of our Content Marketing services, we perform regular SEO site audits, manage keywords and track change in an effort to look at factors that affect search rankings such as backlinks, broken links and site speed. We share this data in an online dashboard for clients who want to understand the technical aspects of their website and how to make key adjustments for Google’s sake.

Social Media Content Marketing

Let’s get social, but smartly.

Social media is a powerful tool for engaging and acquiring customers, driving traffic to your website and growing brand awareness. However, it doesn’t just happen by opening an account and sharing a few updates and fun pictures. Social media success starts with strategy and integrating this with your content marketing to yield big results. All of a sudden Facebook becomes a great tool for sharing links to your website and building your audience, an integral part of content marketing that must be managed strategically.

Do you have a strategic plan for content marketing?

Content marketing is really about creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to the right audience. Good content marketing attracts and converts prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. Are you already doing that? The marketing team at FirstTracks would love to help you reach your goals. Fill out our form or give us a call at 603-924-1978 to get started!

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