Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing ServicesSocial Media is an evolution, not a revolution. Has it introduced new rules and practices? Yes. Has it altogether changed marketing? Hardly. Your approach to this marketing space, like others, should begin with the question of “what does success look like?” Like every marketing tactic, social media must start with a plan.

Social Media success begins with the understanding that people are the currency. People provide the compass for how social media is planned and navigated. Success is generated from interaction and hinges on the applied knowledge of:

  • Effective set-up and management of social networks
  • Initial and ongoing identification of online influences
  • Methodologies that inspire word of mouth and conversational engagement
  • Social applications integrated to maximize both sharing and positioning
  • Research and monitoring to benchmark, track and improve

The benefits of a Social Media plan lie in the new ways you can make your organization available to your audience by creating community around your products and services. Traditional methods of marketing focus on interrupting your target audience to gain attention. Social media relies on an active form of participation based on the interaction people want. The conversation about your organization is going on with or without you. You now have a way to join the conversation.

FirstTracks Marketing Group will help you identify the proper mix of social media tactics. The selection and application of these is different for every organization. We tailor our social media plans to your organization, audience and strategy. You can’t just simply set-up a Facebook or Twitter account and expect everyone to find you. There needs to be a purpose and a direction. That’s where we come in.