Complete Marketing Planning & Strategy Services

The marketing team at FirstTracks can create marketing campaigns to help your organization achieve its goals. Cost effective PPC (pay per click) campaigns producing measurable results are developed by our PPC experts. SEO (search engine optimization) services include effective content plans created by our SEO team. Email marketing programs and social media tactics are designed to achieve results. FirstTracks can develop, implement, measure, test, and refine marketing programs based on your strategic goals. There is no one size fits all approach here, different mixes for different sized businesses based on your target audiences and the products and services you sell.

PPC (pay per click) Marketing

The PPC advertising model brings targeted, interested visitors to your website. We determine the right keyword phrases to use and when to generate quality leads. Key steps we employ: understanding your business, determining a budget, spending your money wisely, and measuring and providing useful reports and analysis. It’s the determined attention to detail that sets us apart!

SEO / Analytics

Getting your website found is not easy on the hyper-crowded internet. Our Search Engine Optimization experts know how site content needs to be presented to be found by search engines. Web analytics reports provide a great deal of data. We turn this data into actionable information. As business experts who know online marketing, we understand the important metrics that determine online success.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are only effective when they achieve predetermined measurable results. Understanding your business, developing a plan, and communicating to your target through a well-branded email campaign is what we do. Our email writers and  designers know how to write and design effective campaigns that get opened,  read, and create action!

Social Media

Effective social media starts with a strategy and a plan directly tied to your business objectives. FirstTracks can help you determine your strategy, incorporate the appropriate social media tool, and measure the results. There are many communications tools. Understanding the right tool for the right job is where we excel.

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