Marketing Certifications: Sorting through the “fluff”

What Makes Marketing Certifications Standout?

Stand out among the crowd

It seems like every software or platform today has its own certification or “degree” for its users to earn. But what does it mean for marketing companies that boast these certifications as credentials? Here at First Tracks Marketing, we are proud of our certifications because we invest significant time and energy into staying at the top of our game for the tools we use. It’s a high priority for our staff to stay up to date on digital trends and marketing channels and to have the certifications to prove it. Our marketing certifications go beyond a generic test. They require real world experience, expertise, and implementation of both platforms and strategies.

FirstTracks Marketing Team Certifications

Google Partner, Bing Prtner, WooExpert Certifications

Paid search certifications

Paid search is an important tool for increasing reach and driving additional relevant traffic. Google and Bing are the most mainstream paid advertising platforms for companies of all sizes. Anyone can run ads, but not everyone can yield results. A Google partner badge is pretty common on marketing websites, but if you look deeper, you can see just how committed a company is. The team here is more than just Google certified, we are certified in Google search advertising, Google mobile advertising, Google video ads, Google display advertising, and Google shopping. We are also Bing Ads Accredited Professional certified. We go beyond the generic certifications and make sure we know every angle of paid search, inside and out. Our staff makes it a priority to ensure we are able to give the best advice and strongest ROI possible.

WooCommerce Experts

There are some certifications that must be earned. Take our “WooExpert” certification, for example. This was earned by our development team proving time and time again that we can handle the problems of any WooCommerce eCommerce build. We are one of only 17 marketing agencies in the United States to earn this accreditation, and we are very proud of that. Being recognized as one of the best agencies to use a very popular tool shows how seriously we take web development. Our commitment to our craft means that you can trust that your website is in good hands and focus on your business.

WP Engine and Sharpspring Silver Certified

WP Engine Advanced Partner

WordPress is one of the most popular website CMS out there. But designing a site is only one aspect of overall web performance. Hosting plays a major factor in site performance and, ultimately, the user experience. Too often, hosting is an afterthought to web design but it plays a major role. That is why we are a WP Engine Advanced partner, because we understand the value of the user experience. A website is more than just the visual. The overall performance is crucial to converting web visitors to sales. We have well over 70 websites currently hosted on their system architecture all of which have experienced superior results and service compared to their previous hosting solutions.

SharpsSpring Silver Certified

SharpSpring is a Marketing Automation and CRM platform. FirstTracks took the next step and earned a silver certification from SharpSpring that required our team to prove a deeper knowledge of the platform. Being “Silver Certified” with SharpSpring means that not only do you use the platform, but we have on boarded clients and they are actively using the platform as well. This is crucial because anything less than a silver certification means that while you may have joined their agency program you haven’t actually put together any active accounts with customers. With several clients now fully up and running, FirstTracks has the proven experience to make sure your marketing automation program runs smoothly and drives results.

Make sure you are working with the right professionals

Our team is comprised of marketers with specific skill sets. If you want paid advertising advice, we have a specialist for that. Want feedback on your UX, we have an expert in that. Our staff works very hard to maintain our credentials, and we are proud to show them off. As you look for marketing agencies, it’s important to understand what certifications truly add value. At FirstTracks, our certifications are proof that we are invested in the tools and technologies we utilize, the most current strategies, and getting you the results you want. Ready to get working on your next marketing and design project? Give us a call today at 603-924-1978 or fill out our short contact form. We look forward to working with you soon! 

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