Facebook Ads are Changing Again, What You Need to Know

Thursday 1/11/18 it was Announced that Facebook Ads will, yet again, update their algorithm.

This isn’t anything new to businesses. Facebook has previously made it more difficult for companies to get their organic posts in front of an audience, but it was still possible. Now, they are changing it even more, forcing businesses out of the News Feed space and into the Explore Feed. We bet you didn’t even know there was an Explore Feed. Right now, that feed is hidden on the left side of Facebook, after events, on this day, pages, groups; basically, you really have to search for it to know it exists. It is unknown if they will make the Explore Feed more obvious after updating the algorithm.

Facebook Ads are Changing

What this means for businesses and advertisers

While this is terrible news for businesses who rely on organic marketing through Facebook; we question how bad this can be for advertisers. Facebook ads have been known as a strong channel to advertise on due to the robust targeting. Companies have been able to see a higher return on ad spend from this channel, but will that change? Our theory is yes! While Facebook has claimed that the new algorithm won’t change ad placement, there are other factors to take into account. Mark Zuckerberg already admitted that this change in the News Feed will cause people to spend less time on Facebook. Less time on Facebook means less engagement and a lower number of Facebook ads consumed. This will make the marketplace more competitive and could then force CPC’s to increase.

Be prepared for the changes

In order to prepare for this, we suggest you continue to push your ads on Facebook, the change won’t be immediate so you need to take advantage of the time we have left. Also, this will allow you to gather a bunch of data and then compare it to how ads perform after the algorithm is updated. Also, come up with a plan B. If Facebook ads become too expensive or provide minimal results you need to know the best channel to push your marketing money into. There are plenty of places to spend your advertising budget; Google, Bing, YouTube, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Just make sure you stay up to date on the Facebook changes and pay attention to the health of your ads!

Need help with your advertising programs?

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