Explosive Growth for Mike’s Organic Delivery

Order and sales have increased 300% so far this year!

Mike's Organic WooCommerce Orders Growth Chart
This is what explosive growth looks like…

Things have been changing almost daily for all of us during this global pandemic. We feel very fortunate at FirstTracks Marketing to be able to help so many businesses adapt to these ever changing times. One of those businesses is Mike’s Organic Delivery. Three weeks ago we had highlighted a few businesses we were helping adjust to these changing times and Mike’s Organic was one of them, things have continued to escalate and it’s been exciting to help them adjust to these changing times.

Sessions have increased almost 500% in the last month!

Sessions are also up almost 500% for the past month or so…

The service that Mike’s Organic Delivery is providing to Connecticut right now is amazing. They are keeping many area farms active, busy and getting those products into the hands of families that need them. Their delivery services have never been more popular, to put it in perspective their e-commerce sales for 2020 have already surpassed their total sales for 2019! You can see from the traffic graph above how things have continued to increase over the past month and a half.

Evolving to handle growing traffic and sales

This rapid growth means our team is working closer than ever with Mike’s Organic to evolve their process for managing and processing their inventory each week. We have also been working with WP Engine on continuing to refine their server requirements to best handle these spikes of traffic when the market reopens for online sales each week. Here are just some of the enhancements we have made so far:

  • Optimized scripts and overall load times to ensure stability under extreme traffic
  • Added new expandable site notices bar instead of pop ups to help with site speed and loading
  • Changed shopping cart ajax requests to lower system strain
  • Added new automatic out of stock highlights for products in grid view to make shopping and browsing the site more efficient as limited stock is available for many items
  • Upgraded hosting levels to and managing live support tickets to ensure site stability under inventory launches each week

We continue to help Mike’s Organic Adapt and Thrive

Every week for the past month now has brought new challenges to the table that our team has met head. We continue to help the businesses we support to evolve and thrive in these difficult conditions. Now is the time to innovate and get creative and find new ways to make things work. If your business is struggling and you are looking for better ways to sell your products and communicate with your customers online our team can help. We are WordPress and WooCommerce experts who can help you maximize your opportunities during these challenging times. Give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our short contact form. Stay safe and healthy, we will get through this together.

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