Mike’s Organic Delivery

Mikes Organic Delivery WordPress and WooCommerce Website Redesign

Organic Food Delivery E-commerce Website

WooCommerce Subscriptions for Online CSA Memberships combined with a slick new fast shopping interface designed to increase sales.

Mike’s Organic Delivery brings sustainable, healthy, delicious food to your door each week. They only partner with small farmers, fishermen, artisans and producers to bring you the highest quality products that you can’t find anywhere else. Their mission is to take all of the guess work, leg work and mystery out of eating clean, wholesome, good-for-you food. Period.

The primary goal of this project was twofold: make the mobile user experience clean and simple, and make the new site load fast. The previous Mike’s Organic Delivery website was loading at an average of roughly 6.5 seconds per page. When it comes to e-commerce websites, this is just unacceptably slow. The FirstTracks design, UX and development teams planned a brand new site that is light, fast and easy to use while delivering superior performance and conversions.

Mikes Organic Delivery WordPress and WooCommerce Website Design

New & Improved Mobile Responsive Website

When we started this project with Mike’s Organic their number one request was to make the mobile shopping experience better. Roughly 45% of all their session traffic comes from mobile devices. But only 15% of their revenue was coming from this audience. Not good enough results! The new interface not only loads faster, but customers can quickly fill their carts with any combination of products available from the shop and checkout quickly and easily.

Fast Loading eCommerce website

Make the Website Load FAST.

The old Mike’s Organic website was very slow to use. It contained a lot of “noise,” — everything from design, construction and implementation standpoints. The new WordPress theme framework we created and launched for Mike’s Organic Delivery is extremely light. Early data returns for the first 30 days for the site show that average load times have been reduced by about 70%. The new site is now loading on average at 1.7 seconds. That’s down from 6.5 seconds. Now that’s fast!

Michael Gellar

“Our new website is super fast, both for our customers trying to buy and for our staff working to make updates to the site. Thanks so much for all your hard work on our great new site.”

Michael Gellar
owner of Mike's Organic Delivery

Customizing Shopping & Delivery

One of the coolest features of the new Mike’s Organic website is the brand new product grids. These grids now allow users to add multiple items to their shopping cart right from the grid overview screens. This makes it fast and easy for users to add many items to their order as they browse the site without having to actually view the product details screen. Another really awesome feature we built is the customized shipping option. Depending on what time of day you are checking out, and what Zip code you want your delivery sent to, the site will present you with different options for either same day or next day delivery.


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