Content Marketing, Keyword Research Increases Traffic

As part of FirstTracks SEO and Content Marketing services we regularly analyze search patterns and keywords that bring new and returning visitors to our client’s websites. We research search volume on keyword variations and make content recommendations based on this data analysis. What follows is an example of how we have applied these adjustments to our client Hyo Silver’s website strategy ongoing over the past year and the results because of it, enjoy!

Hyo Silver – Western Jewelry Design

Hyo Silver has been a marketing client of FirstTracks Marketing for many years now. As a family-owned company and small business they rely on their marketing firm to increase sales and reach new audiences for their western-styled jewelry. One of Hyo Silver’s most popular products categories has always been rings: cross rings, solitaire rings, signature bands and statement rings. We wanted to increase sales of these products to new customers and started analyzing new keyword ideas. We noticed on their ring product pages that content and metadata were lacking keywords that people were using to shop for their style of rings.

Analyzing Search Terms

In May 2017, after analyzing search terms using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Bing and SpyFu we found potential customers were searching for western style wedding and engagement rings. The search volume was high and Hyo Silver was missing out on additional traffic to their rings from these search terms. The solitaire rings and bands were purchased as wedding and engagement rings but the content on the website didn’t optimize for these words. Once our research revealed that we needed to update content, metatags, and write blog posts about the rings, we presented the strategy to the client and they were on board with it. In July we created a new page, Western Wedding Ring. We updated metatags and product descriptions on ring-specific category pages to include keywords such as engagement ring and western style wedding rings. Additionally, a blog post was produced about engagement and wedding rings.

Website Traffic Increases

By the end of August 2017 traffic to the new pages increased by 62% compared to July 2017!

Wedding Ring Page Organic Traffic Increase

User Generated Content Helps Hyo Silver Shine

Hyo Silver has a huge fan base due to their beautiful and inspiring products and excellent customer service. As more User Generated Content (UGC) was posted on Hyo Silver’s social media, we began using this content to help promote products on blog posts. In December of 2017, preparing for the holiday shopping season search volume increased for men’s necklaces and cross necklaces, and more people were landing on the Hyo Silver website using these terms. To capitalize on this traffic we created a blog post with UGC of boys and men wearing the cross pendant and feather pendant necklaces.

Mens Necklaces Blog Post

As their digital marketing agency, FirstTracks combined SEO strategies including keyword research, UGC and optimized content together to help increase their traffic and expand their brand recognition from Texas and the southwest to the northwest and beyond.

Content Optimization Efforts are Paying Off!

Hyo Silver Organic Traffic Growth!

From July 1 to Dec 31 2017, organic traffic to Hyo Silver’s website increased 14% (an increase of roughly 15,000 sessions) compared to the previous year. By constantly refreshing content and metadata based on keyword research, search volume and interest organic traffic has the potential to increase over time and help convert sales. As organic search volume changes for all Hyo Silver’s jewelry products FirstTracks marketing continues to create content each month to help increase brand recognition, reach and sales.

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