Brand New WordPress Website Design for Antech Diagnostics

More WordPress website design work to help our favorite four legged friends!

Antech Diagnostic has a deep affection for animals and a desire to see them live longer, healthier lives. Committed to supporting  veterinary care teams with a flexible, can-do spirit resulting in healthy pets, happy pet parents, and a high-performing practice. FirstTracks Marketing is a team of dog lovers (see our recent work with Ellevet Sciences) and thrilled for the opportunity to work on this!

Change the CMS over to WordPress

The previous Antech Diagnostics website used a content management system that was hard to work with. The team at Antech was looking to take control of their website content. Our team worked with key players at Antech to ensure the editing experience was going to be easy for them. The customizability of WordPress made it possible for us to craft an organized back end management experience for them.

Rebuild test guide database using custom post types

One major component of the Antech Diagnostics website project was to rebuild their testing database. This is the most used feature on their website by far. The biggest issue with the content was that it was impossible to update . Our team worked with their database specialists to build an export that we could use to import all this information into WordPress as a custom post type. Now they can refresh this information from their internal stores of data in a couple of minutes.

Building an excellent mobile website experience

A key to any successful website design these days is to make sure the mobile experience shines its best first. Our approach to any website design project is to work from smallest screen to largest. Since the site relaunched in in early January 2022 we have seen an increase of pages per session of 35% and an increase of average session duration of 28%! We also have seen an average page load time decrease by 42% getting them well below a sub 2.5 second load time on average. These are all important factors that are going to help with ongoing SEO growth going forward.

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