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Whole Health Concord WordPress / WooCommerce Website Redesign

Whole Health Concord is dedicated to providing the finest natural healthcare for the community.

eCommerce Upgrade Selling Natural Supplements and Event Tickets

FirstTracks Marketing has been supporting the online efforts of Whole Health Concord for many years. When the time came to redesign and rebuild the Whole Health website in late 2016,  the big push was making it easier for patients to order and reorder supplements online. We did this by incorporating WooCommerce into the current WordPress CMS while at the same time rebuilding the entire Whole Health theme. Now the Whole Health site features a clean, simple design that is inviting and easy for customers to use on any device.

In addition to the straight product sales that were being powered by WooCommerce, Whole Health Concord also wanted to make event ticket purchases possible through its website. We incorporated our go-to events extension (Events Calendar Pro by Modern Tribe), which also has an excellent tickets add-on. This add-on makes it super easy to generate unique tickets for any event and sell them seamlessly through WooCommerce. Now it’s a snap for Whole Health Concord to create events, manage the attendees, and collect payment for the classes people are registering for.

Dr. Laura Jones, Owner of Whole Health Concord

The team at FirstTracks Marketing has been supporting my health practice for over 8 years now. We have been through many changes and two complete website redesigns in that time, each one better than the last. I love working with their development and support teams. They make communication a breeze and whenever I need anything no matter how big or small they are always there for me and my business.

Dr. Laura Jones
Owner - Whole Health Concord

Whole Health Concord WordPress Website Mobile Design Samples

Accessible Responsive Website Design That's FAST

The redesign of Whole Health Concord’s website was focused around making sure it worked beautifully on all device sizes. Part of that equation wasn’t just the look and feel of the site, but also its speed. The faster your site loads the more likely it is to retain and convert your customers. Whole Health Concord’s new design looks great, but also loads 42% faster now. This increased speed helped produce an overall increase in online sales of 26%.



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