Ellevet Sciences

Ellevet Sciences WordPress / WooCommerce Website Redesign

Pet CBD Products Company Looking to Scale Online Sales with WordPress & WooCommerce

Migrating to WP Engine Dedicated hosting

Website project relationships start with looking under the hood

Ellevet Sciences needed help with their current WordPress website. They were experiencing consistent issues with poor server performance. First step, our development team did a complete technical review of the website and hosting setup. We discovered lots of room for improvement for the current site build. We determined that they needed more capable hosting solution. We went with our go-to WP Engine’s WordPress hosting service as the solution. We helped them migrate everything over to a new dedicated server platform which helped them get through the 2020 holiday season with no problems.

With the hosting handled it was time to redesign and rebuild the Website

Ellevet Sciences had an aggressive goal to increase online sales by 45%! Not only that they wanted to be setup for further scaling and extension into global markets as well. So our design and development teams went to work on planning out a whole new theme framework. The new design features a light, clean, crisp and airy feel to it. We also incorporated a clever “shop by concern” feature on the homepage of the site. This makes it very simple for a new user to find the products that are best for their pet.

Ellevet Sciences WooCommerce Cart Desktop Website Design

Ellevet Sciences WordPress / WooCommerce Mobile Responsive Design

WooCommerce Memberships & Subscription Enhancements

There was a lot of care and attention to detail paid to the product details layout and design. We wanted to make sure it was more immediately obvious what the options for their products are. The stock setup for WooCommerce subscription products is a bit on the clunky side. You will notice right away all the visual improvements we made to how your can select all your options. Another major element to this part of the redesign was the responsive mobile layout. Using these new features on your phone is quick, intuitive and simple. These improvements have been a big contributor to their amazing growth so far this year.

We also built a brand new site for their non-profit The Ellevet Project

We had a lot on our plate with the main Ellevet Sciences website rebuild but we figured what’s one more website? Our design and development team created a whole new site for The Ellevet Project. This was also a WordPress and WooCommerce website. We used WooCommerce to create tools for donating to support their cause. The new site does a fantastic job of highlighting their amazing community support. We made sure to incorporate all the excellent media assets they had for us to use. This helps to tie the site presentation together and draw you into their cause. Everyone excited with the final results and the donations have been rolling in!



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