Thistlewood Farms

Thistlewod Farms WordPress Website Redesign

WordPress Website Redesign for Writer & Brand Influencer KariAnne Wood.

Website Redesign with WordPress

The previous Thistlewood Farms website was slow to load, hard to edit and difficult to manage. With her first published book on the way KariAnne was looking to improve her online presence to be a faster more user friendly experience for her devoted following of readers which total roughly 175K sessions per month. Her original site was already built in WordPress, which meant we were able to keep all the post content and page data intact. This made the build more about improving the overall user experience both front and back. We wanted to make sure we dramatically improved the user experience with the site but also to make sure it was easier faster, more efficient and reliable for her to work with on a day to day basis. The end result was a much lighter site that loads quick and makes content management a breeze for KariAnne.

KariAnne Owner of Thistlewood Farms

“Everything looked AMAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGG! You guys are seriously the best of the best!”

KariAnne Wood

Thistlewood Farms WordPress Website Mobile Website Redesign

Responsive Mobile Design Upgrades

The mobile experience on the previous Thistlewood Farms website left much to be desired. Given that 70% of the sites overall traffic is coming from mobile and tablet devices we needed to make sure that the experience was dramatically improved for her users. The new interface is much cleaner and easier to navigate, a much cleaner menu system, easier to access search and bolder visual look highlight the improvements we made to the experience.



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