Shadow Trader WordPress and WooCommerce Website Design

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WooCommerce Membership & Subscription Integration with new WordPress theme increasing customer engagement and revenue.

WooCommerce Subscriptions and Memberships

Monetize Site Content

One of the biggest changes to the ShadowTrader website was a complete update to the subscription model setup. FirstTracks accomplished this by installing and configuring WooCommerce Memberships to work with the current subscriptions. This change added a whole new layer of content protection. It gave users exclusive access to premium content but also required anyone wanting to access article content to signup for a free membership to the site. The email signup then integrates directly with the ShadowTrader MailChimp account, which allows for targeted email content update notifications to the right audiences.

Easy to manage bold new design

The brand new site design for ShadowTrader looks great and performs awesome. But it’s also extremely easy and fast to manage for the staff at ShadowTrader. All of the sections that make up the site design are drag and drop and interchangeable between pages. Page layout combinations are endless and all point and click to setup. Easy management and fast performance make working with the new site a pleasure.

Shadow Trader Mobile WordPress Website Design

New & Improved Mobile Responsive Website

The previous ShadowTrader website was responsive but the design and experience planning that went into it was lacking. Our new designs focused on speed and accessibility for the mobile user on the go. Early returns are very promising. Upon launch, we recorded a 98% reduction in bounce rate on mobile devices and a 388% increase in pages per session!

ShadowTrader Site Speed Improvement

Make the Website FAST

When you’re running any website—especially an e-commerce website that is centered around content, subscriptions and memberships—it’s important that it load fast. As you can see from the graphic here, the new ShadowTrader website is loading 85% faster on average than the previous site application. The old site had a loading time of more than 20 seconds. That’s just outrageous, and shows how a subpar developed framework can harm your business. The new site is poised to service users and process more transactions than ever before!



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