The Boot Pro Ski Shop

The Boot Pro WordPress / WooCommerce Website Redesign by FirstTracks Marketing

Improved Ecommerce Website for Vermont Ski Shop: The Boot Pros

Website Design & System Improvements

The Boot Pro Ski Shop contacted FirstTracks in 2014 for help cleaning up its existing website. During the 2015 winter season we experienced first hand just how broken its current website was. It took forever to load, nobody could find them in search results, and, worst of all, the site wasn’t generating any revenue. The Boot Pro Ski Shop needed its WordPress and WooCommerce shop reworked to help improve 3rd-party integration, site deliverability, and conversion rates. Once we had a handle on all the moving parts and systems, we completely redesigned and rebuilt the website to be more user friendly and focused on converting traffic.

WordPress / WooCommerce Mobile Website Designs by FirstTracks Marketing

Mobile Website Design Improvements

The Boot Pro’s previous website was mobile responsive but it was horribly clunky to use. We took extra-special care in building the new site to make the mobile experience light, clean, and simple for consumers to use. The results: In the first 11 months since launching the new site, mobile traffic has increased by 28% and total revenue increased by 52%!

Increasing ecommerce conversion rate

Improving Ecommerce Website Conversion Rate

There are lots of factors that contribute to suffering conversion rates. The most common are basic usability (bad menus, non-responsive, broken links, etc.) and slow delivery speeds. The Boot Pro website was suffering from all of these factors. We built the new site on a completely new theme from the ground up, which reduced load time by 10% and average page download time by 63%. We also moved the site over to an appropriate hosting environment with WP Engine. The new design features easy to navigate menus and a new leaner product filtering system that helps customers find what they are looking for faster.

Connecting Business Systems together

Connecting the website and business systems together

The Boot Pro Ski Shop had some complex back-end system integrations that needed attention. The Boot Pro is a brick and mortar store and all the company’s stock is in the shop. This inventory needed to communicate two ways: both to the website and through a POS system. If a pair of skis is sold in the shop, the inventory had to be deleted from the website, and vice versa. We worked with Webgility on integrating The Boot Pro’s Quickbooks POS connection with WooCommerce. We also reorganized and cleaned up the product catalog to make seasonal product imports quick, easy, and reliable.

Website Design Upgrades and Improvements

The Boot Pro Ski Shop has great product, great brands, and great people. We wanted to rework the site to better showcase the care, experience, and expertise that the Boot Pro staff brings to the table with their ski tuning, Boot Fitting, and online product offerings. We made this happen with better visual real estate, more flexible landing page designs, and enhanced shopping pages that make for simple product filtering, checkout, and purchasing. The end result is a much cleaner site that converts remarkably better and is easier to manage and maintain.



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