Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without

WordPress PluginsFor every single website we create using WordPress we have a set suite of plugins that we always use. Since we started developing with WordPress over 3 years ago there have been lots of plugins that we tested and used in our site and our client’s sites. Over the past three years we have continued to hone our plugin selections down the very best of the best which we now always use in EVERY WordPress website we build.

These are the 10 WordPress Plugins Your Website MUST Have

  1. WordPress SEO – hands down THE BEST search engine optimization plugin around for WordPress
  2. Askimet – the standard for spam protection for your blog and an absolute must if you are allowing comments on your blog
  3. Admin Menu Editor – allows us to customize the admin dashboard interface for our clients projects based on what works best for them
  4. Better Internal Link Search – make the default WordPress search actually useful by searching everything and not just post titles
  5. Dynamic Widgets – Need to customize where your sidebar widgets display? This is the best plugin for that.
  6. Google Analytics Dashboard – Puts your website traffic stats directly on your WordPress website dashboard
  7. Simple WordPress Back Up – Provides regular complete database backups of your WordPress website
  8. Login Lockdown – Keeps the riff-raff out of your dashboard
  9. Gravity Forms – Hands down the #1 forms plugin for WordPress and worth every penny for a developer license
  10. WP-Optimize – Keep your WordPress site running smooth and quick with this handy plugin

Now there are lots of other plugins out there. As of today, there 21,098 plugins in the plugins directory. There is a lot of great stuff out there to help make your WordPress website really pop and do lots of fun and exciting things. We hope you find the list we have provided useful to help make your WordPress site more secure and run more smoothly. If you are looking for help with your WordPress website please give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our website development request form and we can get started helping you improve your website today!

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without

  1. Hey Fresh Tracks. Do you have a comment engine you like to use on WordPress? I’m using Echo by JS-Kit and it’s being discontinued in October. If I do nothing will my blog reveert back to the WP comment system?

  2. Hi Steve. We just use the out of the box commenting system that comes with WordPress….we have tried a few others over the past few years like Disqus: works pretty well and gives you the ability to login to comment with social media connections which is nice. We might go back to something like that when we finally get around to redoing our website later this fall I hope. For what particular reason were you using Echo by JS-Kit for your comments?

  3. Hey Matthew. Echo just seemed like a cool system with nice features. Kinda like Disqus, which I have downloaded and used when commenting on other’s sites. Thanks for the link and the heads up; maybe I’ll just cut over to Disqus…Steve

  4. Great list of WordPress Plugins. It can we helpful to any wordpress developers. BTW I always like to use All in One SEO Plugin for SEO related tasks. What you say about that. And do you have any plugin which can post on facebook page and twitter profile as soon as we post on wordpress blog?

  5. Hello Jenish. Thanks for the comment. Me website SEO tool of choice is WordPress SEO by Yoast (see link above in my post) it makes the All in One SEO Plugin looks like a baby’s toy and it works awesome and it helps you to become a more effective writer when optimizing your content. For Facebook publishing I would recommend the official Facebook plugin for WordPress because it direct connects to your business page. Works like a charm and removes a step entirely. Very cool stuff.

  6. Great list. I would add “Redirection” to the list of WordPress plugins if you’re an affiliate marketer. This is just a simple plugin that cloaks your affiliate links and tracks clicks on them as well. This is a good thing to do to prevent from a lot of naked affiliate links being out there on your site. It will clean them up and it will look to Google a little bit less suspect. And, at the same time, it’s going to allow you to create a lot of different affiliate links for different posts on your site, different positions on different posts, so that you know always which link is being clicked, which product is being bought and which piece of content and which link is actually doing the selling.

  7. Nice article. Going to get some of the plugins straight away for my web blog is a web blog designed to share the success
    stories of successful bloggers across the globe.

  8. 10 points for putting Yoast’s plugin to the first place. It’ really one of the most important ones out there and surely best for SEO (if you know what you’re diong). Here are more nice plugins, just FYI: WordPress Plugins

  9. Gravity Forms is one of the best plugins out there. We are using it for long time and it’s really reliable and stable and i have to mention great customization options!
    Great list!!

  10. Nice Post, please add contact us plugin also in this list because its also necessary for your site, its just a suggestion otherwise its a great post thanks for sharing, it very helpful for newbies.

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