Business Challenges First, Technology Second. How A Great Website Gets Made

The way we build our websites is cool and all but it’s not about HOW we do things it’s about the WHY….

Strategy BEFORE TechnologyAt FirstTracks Marketing we are business people who also happen to be very good at website design and development. Our process for developing a website solution for your business is built on exactly that…YOUR BUSINESS. This might sound extremely obvious to some but we see it all the time in our line of work. People get way too bogged down with the technology side of web development and lose site of why the site is being built in the first place. We start with “why” you need an effective online presence and stay focused on your business strategies.When you work with us to build a new website or overhaul an existing website we go through 4 key steps with every project:

  1. Learning about your business
  2. Assessing your challenges and goals
  3. Creating a strategic plan to achieve those goals
  4. Assessing and implementing the proper technology package to achieve your objectives

In our process the technological aspects of the project come last but certainly not least.

The more we know about your business, what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish the better we can and execute a solution that is going to meet your needs and deliver the results you are looking to achieve. It is this methodology that sets FirstTracks apart from other website development operations. We want to know everything about your business; your customers, how you and your employees work day-to-day, etc. The we apply our business experience, design expertise and programming know how to make your website the most successful part of your business it can possibly be.

How can we help your business be more successful online?

Give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our website development request form and we can get the conversation started. There is no cost for our initial consultation and assessment. We can’t wait to start helping you reach new levels of access and visibility online.

3 thoughts on “Business Challenges First, Technology Second. How A Great Website Gets Made

  1. This is such a simple but smart approach. Imagine if all brick and mortar stores were laid out the same. Or if ever brochure had the same table of contents. How about if every TV ad followed the same template?

    Websites should reflect the company, its business, customer needs and brand promise. You guys should move to NYC and teach some of the web/dev people a thing or two. Bravo!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Steve! Not sure we will be moving to NYC anytime soon but would love to pick up some accounts there sometime in the near future so we have an excuse to come visit more often. :)

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