Brand Recognition: What’s Your Story?

“If anything, our brand is almost all about storytelling.” I came across this from Doug Wood, President of Tommy Bahama. A reputable company with good brand recognition. We’ve all heard of them and we know what they do. But why?... Keep Reading: Brand Recognition: What’s Your Story?

Social Media Club NH Recap

Last night was an exciting evening in the State of New Hampshire (Portsmouth to be more precise) as the first ever Social Media Club NH meeting was held. Roughly 170 people attended the event looking to connect, network and listen to the challenges... Keep Reading: Social Media Club NH Recap

Inbound Marketing Book Review

“Ten years ago, your marketing effectiveness was a function of the width of your wallet. Today, your marketing effectiveness is a function of the width of your brain.” – Brian Halligan CEO of Hubspot This is one of lines from... Keep Reading: Inbound Marketing Book Review

8 Questions and Why

Below are 8 crucial questions that were posted today by one of my favorite marketing authors Seth Godin. I felt this would be a productive exercise this morning to go through and post our answers to these questions here on our blog and invite others... Keep Reading: 8 Questions and Why

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