Brand Recognition: What’s Your Story?

“If anything, our brand is almost all about storytelling.”

I came across this from Doug Wood, President of Tommy Bahama. A reputable company with good brand recognition. We’ve all heard of them and we know what they do. But why? They use fabrics like so many others. They can sew, advertise and distribute. They have designers that are good but so do many clothing labels. So why do we “get” them? Mr. Wood goes on to say that which made me salute; “The purpose of our company is to enable the world to relax.”

That’s their “why” not what they do or how they do it but why they do it. This simple statement guides it all. It is simple and looks easy but this is truly the heavy lifting in the brand strategy world. It’s emotional and it guides everything. Can you imagine what happens when all employees, retailers and consumers know why Tommy Bahama does what they do? It’s their story.

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