Business Success; The Three Musts

When working with clients on their business and marketing strategies I’m always looking for what I call the BIG 3. These are the deep bone marrow “musts” that just have be there if Business Success is to have a chance.

  • A meaningful product, service or place
  • A fertile market that has a real need for that product, service or place
  • A willingness to take advantage of the combination of the first 2

It’s the third that causes the fits.

Maybe it’s the money, maybe it’s the time, maybe its just doing the heavy lifting that is the “will”. Having the willingness to really get out there and make it happen means commitment, energy and building momentum that’s contagious and communicable.

I just spent time with a very diverse group. They have the first 2 in spades but when I saw their willingness to get it done I knew the magic was close by. Ideas flowing, passions raised, hey, this is the fun stuff in my business. We’re well on our way to workin’ this “willingness”  and as one person put it, “Ok now what do we DO?” The eye sparkle was bright enough to burn. It has all just begun and the workload is big but the willingness is real and we gotta have that if we’re going anywhere.

As my friend and fellow morning hiker David Baum says….”Whats a leader? A leader is someone who gets sh…t done.”  I got a room full of leaders and I know lots of good sh…t is about to get done.

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1 thought on “Business Success; The Three Musts

  1. Getting shiz done IS an amazing feeling. What is also exciting about what you do and what good leaders do is recognizing that “done” in marketing is really just a mile marker or First Tracks. Great post as usual.

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