SMS Marketing with Klaviyo

Email was once king, but there’s a new kid in town that’s available to improve your online marketing performance. Ding! It’s the text message.

FirstTracks Marketing can now set up SMS automations and campaigns to communicate with customers through text. Businesses now have the ability to reach customers right in the palm of their hand—within SECONDS.

Why SMS?

One downside to email is that most people no longer check their inbox regularly. So how do you get in front of them? Their phone. People read 95 percent of all texts they receive. By sending a simple text, a business can tap into a highly engaged audience it might not reach through email. That’s exciting news! Plus, the SMS texting feature is included on the same platform that FirstTracks creates and manages email campaigns—Klaviyo.

No worrying about switching between platforms and having customer data in multiple places. Let’s take a look at why Klaviyo SMS is a great addition to a business marketing strategy.

Klaviyo SMS

Klaviyo allows you to store all customer data in one platform, avoiding duplicate profiles while also gathering more advanced analytics and tracking. Now more than ever, businesses can see the different touch points their customers are taking from receiving an email, clicking a text, or hitting that checkout button. Through Klaviyo’s one platform, data stays clean and in one place. Integrating SMS messages into an already existing email strategy also allows businesses to gain more subscribers with two channels of communication.

Klaviyo’s SMS plans work very similarly to their email plans, starting with a free trial and going up from there, each tier based on the number of SMS subscribers and the number of text messages being sent. Klaviyo makes it easy with transparent SMS plan pricing tiers and the option to have them auto update once the limit for the current plan is hit. FirstTracks can now tack this onto the current email plan and voila, you have email and SMS that can work TOGETHER.

Now the fun part. Getting people to sign up!

The marketing team at FirstTracks works with clients to create a strategy on how to gain SMS subscribers. Klaviyo offers a number of website popups that can be utilized to target different audiences. Ask current email subscribers to try SMS, entice new visitors with an incentive for signing up, add a checkbox for consent at checkout, and add SMS signup to your existing email popup form. Just like email signups, SMS signups will receive a welcome text to gather consent and send the client’s first text (possibly with a discount code).

Klaviyo Pop Up Samples

While SMS can result in great returns for businesses, there are laws and guidelines to follow when it comes to gathering consent from customers. When a subscriber first signs up, before they receive any texts from the business, Klaviyo will send a consent message asking them to text back a keyword to confirm they are giving consent. After collecting the customer’s consent, two-way messaging has the green light! Businesses can now text customers about promotions, purchases, and more.

Start Sending SMS Messages with Klaviyo

Just like emails in Klaviyo, SMS messages have two types: one-time campaigns and automated flows. 

You can set up automations such as a welcome series or an abandoned cart flow to reach customers directly on their phone. Follow up on actions customers have taken and check in faster than ever before. Emails get buried in an inbox, but a text message will be seen within minutes, maybe even seconds.

Once there are enough signups for SMS, sending campaigns is a great way to get the word out about new products, promotions, or specials that are running. Mix it up and send some emails and some text messages to see which channel performs best. With both email and SMS, you can continue to test and tweak a cross-strategy between the two.

SMS Messages on Mobile Device

Two-Way Communication

Unlike email, SMS gives businesses the ability to text back and forth with subscribers. Log into Klaviyo and, under SMS conversations, you will have visibility to responses received through SMS. You can connect with customers on questions, product details, and much more.

Are you ready to start texting your customers?

SMS is just another way our team here at FirstTracks can utilize Klaviyo to benefit our clients! The team at FirstTracks is excited to implement SMS for more clients in the new year and beyond, creating increased revenue, higher engagement, and better customer service for all clients. Interested in getting started? Give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out this short form to get a conversation started. We look forward to meeting you and learning all about your business and how we can help you grow it in 2022.

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