On my way to the WooCommerce Conference in SanFrancisco

This is an exciting time, albeit a bit on the early side for my liking but hey we do what we have to do to get better at our craft! As I sit in the concourse at Manchester Regional Airport in Manchester NH at 4:30am waiting to board my plane I am excited to think what lies ahead.

Attending the first ever WooThemes / WooCommerce conference is no small deal to me. Having helped to start FirstTracks Marketing back in 2009 we have been growing and evolving constantly in both staff and core competencies. We started out small and have continued to grow and evolve along with the industry, and today we are working with clients all over the world providing first class website design, development and marketing services.

WordPress is a huge part of who FirstTracks Marketing is now and WooThemes is a big part of how we build and manage our websites. We frequently use their flagship Canvas theme and Woothemes framework on a lot of the websites we build (it’s what our website runs on as well). Woothemes aren’t the only themes we work with but we do prefer them simply because the code is well written, easy to customize which makes it easy for us to support for all of our clients who use it. Another reason why we use Woothemes products as a base for our projects is that it integrates extremely well with our ecommerce engine of choice WooCommerce, which brings me to the main reason why we are attending this event.

We build and manage a lot of business for our clients

Our business is built around the idea that we build profitable programs for our clients, be that through PPC campaigns, direct sales in an online store, through lead generation or a combination of the above. WordPress, WooThemes and WooCommerce are all at the center of these programs. I am very excited to be able to attend this event so that I can connect more directly with the community and team that supports and helps us to create all the wonderful and successful client programs we have designed to date. I am excited to hear the presentations about up selling strategies, scaling woocommerce and discussing the role data plays in the optimization and success of your online product.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow as I will be blogging with my thoughts from each of the sessions that I will be attending tomorrow, it’s gonna be a busy jam packed day of learning and I can’t wait to get started!

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