WooCommerce Conference 2017 Day 1 Quick Recap

Day 1 of WooCommere Conference 2017 Is In the Books


So how was the first day? Very good. The general consensus from our team was that the day was really jam packed with some great information. The format of the conference was adjusted to have more big keynotes and less breakout sessions this year, which I think worked out well. The venue this year is much bigger than last year in Austin, which is nice, and they have done a great job making tons of charging stations and places to just hang out if you need a break. Definitely upping their game again this year.

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As for the sessions and information:  We learned a lot about where WooCommerce is going and how they are planning to grow and improve the product. Jim Dudley and I both sat in with with developers of WooCommerce and did some live testing and user feedback of some new features they are rolling out in the next version. The most exciting for me was to see they are really working hard to make the set up process so much easier for new users dramatically lowering the barrier for entry to use the software.

There was also some excellent information on the best ways to work with your clients and ways to encourage more collaboration in the design process to improve solutions.

Search is not DeadI snapped a bunch of photos throughout the day, but most of them were just boring slides of presenters talking (not that the content was boring). Instead of sharing a bunch of those, I got some pictures of the illustrations that were produced throughout the day on the presentations that happened. I thought this was a really different and interesting way to capture the flavor and focal points of each presentation.

We are here for Day 2 and looking forward what the day brings.

Stay tuned!

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