WooCommerce Conference 2016 Day One Afternoon Recap

Some Thoughts and Insights from the Early Afternoon WooCommerce Conference Sessions Day One.

WooCommerce Conference Afternoon Sessions Early Block

The early afternoon 2016 WooCommerce Conference sessions featured great common sense ideas and reminders from a few different presenters. I’ve gathered them all up in one list to make it easy to review them quickly. 🙂

  • Identify your best customers and focus heavily on them
  • Cost per acquisition between good customers and bad customers is the same, goes back to who you really need and should be focusing on (the 80/20 rule)
  • Good customers are born, not bred
  • Be creative about your business: How does your product help people or make their lives better?
  • Speak in your own voice, your customers want to hear from you

The Second Block of Afternoon Sessions on Day One Were Excellent!

The late afternoon sessions featured some great insights on what WooCommerce can and should become, a great talk from the CEO of WP Engine, and a fantastic data discussion on what search means for your e-commerce shop.

WooCommerce Is More Than a Cart

  • WoooCommerce is More Than A CartWooCommerce is a platform that can be used to build any commerce solution, not just shopping carts. To do so will require our ability to innovate.
  • The physical world has limits that the digital world does not.
  • The shopping cart metaphor has to go! We need to move beyond things we are familiar with so that we can truly innovate online commerce.
    • Wanelo – live feeds of over .5M carts around the world
    • Starbucks – allowing users to pay via smartphone BEFORE Apple Pay was a thing
    • Geo Marketing Online Only Users – what about truly targeting the online-only customers based on their location?
    • Amazon – The One Click checkout – not conforming to the standard limitations of the physical checkout, and Amazon Dash, voice recorder or barcode scanner allowing you to request products from the device in your hand
  • WooCommere has more than 1M registered users. Imagine what we can do as a community!

Content & Commerce: Implications for Sites and Brands

  • WP Engine CEOCommerce done right is CONTENT. It’s not a flat sales page, it’s storytelling. It’s not about what you are selling, it’s about WHY you are selling it.
  • Your customer experience is your digital strategy. Make that a priority.
  • Your customer experience is based on a few key stages
    • Credibility – Do you know what you are talking about?
    • Respect – Are you authentic? Do I get value from your ideas?
    • Trust – Do you care about me?
    • Advocacy – I will actively share on your behalf.
  • Delivering the next generation of online commerce, we need to innovate to make this happen and it’s not happening fast enough.
  • We need to get more technically adept at providing more intelligent content to users based on what we know about them already based on history and activity.
  • Why is AdTech so smart and the general website experience so dumb?
  • How do you bridge the gap between the brick and mortar welcome back and frequent customer experience in our digital stores?
    • Toms – great brand quality and consistency (Credibility)
    • BirchBox – beauty subscription service (Respect)
    • Glasses.com – 3D technology to try glasses on with their website (Trust)
    • GoPro – make it easy for people to share experiences with your brand; how can we make sure that the most super of the super fans get treated as such (Advocacy)
  • Experiment with different techniques to engage, listen, and learn!

E-commerce Search: Everything You Wanted to Know But Never Dared to Ask

  • WooCommerce SearchPeople who search came to buy, convert at roughly 2.5 times more than people who do not search
  • Make sure your search box is clear and visible
  • Make sure your SERP (search engine results page) is good on mobile
  • Need to think about how your shoppers are looking for your products
  • You need to know what shoppers are NOT finding on your website. Think globally; people call things different things in different parts of the world
  • Consider Instant Search+ for enhancing your sites search tool

Phew! What a day! So much to take in. We met so many new people and shop owners selling interesting products using WooCommerce. Looking forward to Day Two tomorrow!

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