FirstTracks Marketing WooCommerce Client Websites Are Crushing It!

As FirstTracks Marketing continues to grow along with our diverse group of e-commerce clients, I thought it would be interesting to put some numbers to what we have accomplished for our clients, with the platforms we have built for them, and to show what it has meant to their businesses.

$161,404.76 for the Month!

In just one month, September 2014, our e-commerce clients saw their online sales jump to $161,404.76. The most exciting part about this growth:  A year ago most of these clients didn’t have an ecommerce system in place, they had no way to track this revenue, and some didn’t even have the ability to sell online at all. FirstTracks helped support these clients by growing their businesses using WordPress and WooCommerce.

All Powered by WordPress and WooCommerce

We recommend WooCommerce to our clients because it’s easy to use, integrates easily with so many other platforms, and makes it simple for your customers to buy your products. Basically, WooCommerce is amazing and growing like crazy. It has been downloaded more than 4.2 million times since its launch almost three years ago. Currently, WooCommerce is powering about 20% of all online sales. The community is strong, the code is excellent, and our clients couldn’t be happier with the results we have been able to produce for them. We are very excited to be heading into the holiday season this year working with so many exciting products and businesses and helping them flourish.

Do You Want to Sell More Effectively Online?

Do you have a product or service and want it to make more money? Are you thinking about starting an online store and need help getting it started? Are you looking to make the jump to WooCommerce and need help with the conversion? No matter what the challenges with your e-commerce projects, the FirstTracks Marketing team of developers and online strategists is here to help! Give us a call today at 603-924-1978 or fill out our short online form.  We can’t wait to help you sell more effectively!

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